Shelbi Jo 12/22

Oh my GOSH!!! Tracy called me and told me I was the next spotlight athlete, which was a complete surprise! So anyways, I was asked to share my Testimony. Wellllll for those who know me, probably know I barrel race. I have been riding and training horses for almost 15 years. I have trained other riders as well. One being Zoey, Kevin’s daughter. In 2015, Kevin suggested I try this bootcamp/crossfit place “where real athletes workout, since Barrel Racers aren’t real athletes”. As if I wasn’t already a real athlete?! Pshhh whatever. So, being my competitive self, I agreed and said I’d come, only to find out that I wasn’t in as good of shape as I thought. WOW, I could not get out of bed the next day. I was hooked, I kept going but I only lasted about 3 months. You see, I really started to enjoy working out and I liked how it made me feel. However, I really struggled with being in the social environment. To be honest, I was mortified of being in any social environment or being the center of attention. I had so much anxiety just thinking about what could go wrong, how I might be judged for not knowing things, that I kept focusing on negative things. So, the frequency of my workouts gradually declined until I just stopped. I let my anxiety beat me. I was getting way to comfortable with avoiding social situations at the expense of my own happiness. The more time that passed, the more anxious I became, and the more I avoided social interactions. It consumed me. I was extremely unhappy. I tried putting all my energy into the only thing that made me happy, barrel racing. No matter what I did, I still felt like I wasn’t going anywhere with my life. I was taking college courses and just going through the motions. Doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing. Honestly, I had no idea why I was doing any of these things, I just thought there was this rulebook you had to follow. Go to high school, graduate, go to college, graduate, get a job, etc… So early this year I got up, and said to myself “Shelbi, just go in there, workout, and get out as fast as you can.” And that’s what I did. But I kept going this time, I forced myself through it. I wanted to get the anxious thoughts out of my head. I wanted to be better. The more I fought the anxiety, the less it came around. It was then that I realized, I was working out my mind at the same time I was working everything else. I was starting to understand just how much I loved meeting the different kinds of wonderful people in the gym. Seeing that they were in there with the same goal as me. To better themselves. The coaches are so awesome and have helped me more than I can explain. I am so thankful that my competitive side was challenged almost three years ago. This little gym is one of my favorite places to be and has become a place where I can not only be myself, but the stronger version of me. Where I learned that it’s okay to not know, to fail, to learn from my mistakes, and to never give up. Because that’s how you grow. It’s because of this that I threw the “rulebook” on life out the window. I am now getting ready to start my new journey as a soldier in the the U.S. Army. I can finally see that my life is lining itself up and I just had to stop fighting it. All in all, this gym has been a saving grace. It has helped me in all aspects of life. I have fallen in love with everyone's kindness and their drive to show up
to better themselves, no matter what that means to them. I’m definitely going to miss everyone while I am gone but I can’t wait to come back... and hopefully be better at push-ups! HOOAH!
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