Sue Mullen 08/01 Wear Green

Spotlight athlete – ME, do you have the right person?  I was very surprised and honored to be selected a spotlight athlete – Thank you!  
It was almost exactly 2 years ago, I was shopping for jeans and new dress pants and well, trying on clothes is never a fun thing for me – and was especially bad this time.  The size that was fitting was an 18 – 18?!?!?! I thought… no way.. not going there, must do something different!  Driving home the next day from work I passed this trailer place on the right side of the freeway and saw a bunch of people running around the parking lot, but was already passed and could not look at the sign.  Next day, got a better look – BOOT CAMP….. Hummm, I wonder if I can do boot camp?   So I stopped – Tracy was at the desk.. well, I learned EVERYTHING there was to know about this great little gym.  I have never been a great athlete, I am actually a bit of a klutz, and was a little afraid I couldn’t do it – but those size 18 jeans were looming in my mind, and Tracy was very convincing anybody can do it!  OK – let’s get unlimited.. nothing like just jumping in!    One of the best decisions I every made!  The first two - three weeks were grueling though – I found muscles I did not know existed in the human body, but I had more energy and could tell I was starting to shape up.  Then they announced the 5:30 class was to become Crossfit… oh no.. I can barely keep up with BootCamp, I can’t do Crossfit I mean I am well over 50, who am I kidding!  But Channel would not have that from me and convinced me I can do Crossfit.  Talked to my daughters too, one who is a personal trainer… yeah Mom – Crossfit can be tough – but so are you - give it a try.  Crossfit it is I said.  Well if it weren’t for the super trainers who kept me going and helped teach me moves, showed me how to modify, and always encouraging me I can do it – I mean from holding my hands (literally) when I learned how to do a box jump to picking me up off the floor when I got stuck at the bottom of a back squat (klutz factor) – I may not have made it -  those guys and gals are truly aMAZEn!  I have been coming for 2 years now and never felt better, I love working out and I feel very accomplished that I can do a deadlift or overhead squat and almost a pull-up – when I started I could not even hang from the bar for 10 seconds.  OH and those jeans?--- sporting a size 10 today!   I can’t say enough about this place, the great people here and friends I have made.  I am so glad I saw the 5:30 class running around the building 2 years ago – I am healthier and feeling the best I have in years - it has truly changed my life.  Thanks Channel, Camilla, Tommy, Tracy, Warren, Cecily, Alisha, Jordan, Kelli for the encouragement and not letting me quit! Sue

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