Saul Canchola 5/26 Wear Blue

I have now been a member of Amazen Boot Camp & Crossfit for 6 months.  My membership was a birthday present from my wife (the kind that keeps on giving) for my 38th birthday. I had mentioned to her that this kind of physical fitness looked interesting and may serve as my solution to lose the weight I had put on over the last year ( what's with all the dudes putting on weight when wives are pregnant?lol I put on 20 lbs) The life of a sales representative involves lots of wind shield time, lunches,dinners and happy hour. Not good for the waistline! In the beginning I questioned my ability to get through the workouts.  The movements and techniques were all new to me, not to mention all of the acronyms on the board that were like a foreign language to me....TABATA, AMRAP, SWOD, ect. I've always thought of myself as being athletic and willing to challenge myself. I've had several gym memberships over the years, played in soccer and basketball recreational leagues and for a while considered myself a serious runner.  This however was something different.  This kind of physical fitness presented a totally different challenge. The combination of cardio, weights and polymetrics has been a much needed and refreshing change to my physical fitness endeavors. The workouts have a good mix and I actually look forward to seeing what the coach group have in store for us!The group setting has also been a much welcomed change to what I had been used to.  Everyone always seems very positive and that kind of attitude inspires me. The 5 am class is still my favorite to make when I can get there but the open gym flexibility is a nice option.   With twin one year old girls at home, sometimes I have to find a gap in my schedule to make it happen. Each coach seems to bring a different dynamic to the workout yet all have been helpful in providing instruction and proper technique guidance.

I am a proud husband and father of 4 wonderful blessings and thus I can say that I am encouraged by my improvement in physical fitness and would highly encourage anyone to give this gym a shot. I am looking forward to the next WOD and being Better Than Yesterday!

Below are some pictures of my family- My wife Liza, son Carter 12, and daughters Chloe 11, Lauren and Tristan 14 months.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tracy Ma 9:39pm
Congrats Saul.... So well deserved. Love your enthusiasm and can-do attitude!!!!! This really seems to suit you. You're excelling in all areas.  Keep it up.

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