Sean McDonald 12/30 Wear Black

It's interesting where you find yourself in life. Ending up in Texas with my family about three years ago has proven to be one of our greatest blessings. A big part of that blessing to me is my Boot Camp / CrossFit family.  A little about me. I've been married for 22 years to my wife Christina and we have four children ages 12 Ashton,16 Colton, 21 Macailey and 29 Robert. Our son Robert was a gift that came to us when he was about 10 years old working at a children's home in Arizona.  We all serve and love Jesus and have relied upon His grace and mercy extensively over the last decade. Like many, we are no strangers to pain, sadness and loss. In Arizona, the dream had been accomplished for us financially speaking. I was in a career that I loved, making more money than ever, living in a beautiful home in a country club community. Everything on paper was perfect. What I hadn't realized was in the process of making more and more money, I had gone through some significant spiritual atrophy. I had become a hard hearted, prideful individual who forfeited sensitivity and discernment. When my wife got ill I was at the height of my career. My focus was self, I was loaded up on medications to help deal with stress, and the whole thing was a great inconvenience. So sad. She was hospitalized and seemed to be in the process of dying and no one could figure out what was wrong. Even worse than doctors not being able to figure out my wife was me not being able to figure out myself. Unfortunately, she still suffers physically with no real answers.  In the midst of Christina's horrible health challenges my company failed. For me personally the fall was greater than I could've imagined. All the things that we had accumulated began to disappear. Piece by piece we began to sell our furniture. One by one they came to collect our cars until we had none. Finally they foreclosed on our home and we had nothing left. I went from making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to literally selling newspapers in front of the local grocery store to try to earn any money possible. I wish I could say that the humiliation was enough to have broken my heart and dropped me to my knees but it wasn't. Anger, insecurity, selfishness, and shame became my recipe for disaster. I crushed my family and drug them behind my wreckage. The darkness lasted longer than I ever imagined possible.  What I needed so desperately was a Savior. What I received was exactly that. The stories of His faithfulness are to great for this short bio but the hope He renewed even though many prayers have seemingly gone unanswered has been beautiful.  Moving to Texas was one of many gifts for us that also created the potential for connecting with a very special community.  I credit the Lord for restoring my heart, my mind, and my family.  However, I acknowledge that  my boot camp/CrossFit family have been an incredible source of healing even though no one  knows much about me. There have been countless times I have come to workout barely hanging on. The beauty of circling up for a simple prayer and then getting down to business is one of my absolute favorite things. For me it's very much a part of my spiritual journey. When life feels impossible and I don't want to get off the floor I know I can look at the dedication and no quit individuals around the room and be encouraged and inspired to press on. When fatigue sets in and I feel like quitting, I know that all I have to do is look to my right or left and be encouraged to never give up. I'm extremely grateful for a place that invites the Lord to the heart of the community, accepts everyone where they are, and presses forward with the mindset of let's be a better version of ourselves.  I appreciate each of you more than you will ever know and I'm so grateful to be given this honor.  Sean

Friday, December 3, 2021

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Janette 12:32am
Congrats Sean and glad we were able to honor you today💪🏽. Thank you for sharing!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cecily 7:49pm
Congratulations Sean!! I was so excited when I saw your nomination for Spotlight Bootcamper...from the first day I met you I could see the drive and determination in you. You wanted 'better' for yourself and for your family and you weren't going to settle. I love your heart for the Lord and for your family. Your priorities are in order and I pray continued blessings and favor for you and your family!! Stay healthy and stay strong both spiritually and physically my friend!!

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