Amanda Munns 11/30 Wear Blue

I was driving  home from dinner with my husband when I got the text from Channel that I was the next spot light athlete. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe it. I am honored.  Well to let you know a little about me.  I’m originally from Washington State. I have an identical twin and a brother.  My parents retired to Arizona. I went to visit them May 2006 and met my husband. He came to see me in June. I went to see him in July. He wrote into the airline. When the plane was getting ready to land. They said my name and started reading a letter. In the letter he asked me to marry him.  So I put my house for sale and moved to Yuma September 2006. We moved to Texas January 2007 and were married May 2007.  I have two step daughters Kendra 27 years old and Tia 26 years old.  September 2008 my husband and I were in a motorcycle accident. We were helicoptered to the hospital. I had bleeding in my brain and almost died. He had a fractured pelvis and almost lost his arm. That following year we were trying to have a baby. We went to a fertility doctor. I was told I have 2% chance of having a baby and I’m not a candidate for in vitro.  It’s been hard to live in a state with no family and at this age it’s hard to meet people.  I have met one good friend Christina Horner that I am grateful to have in my life. The last 5 years I have been exercising to Beach Body videos at home.  I love my husband and enjoy spending time with him. We have a lot in common. I have struggled with depression. All I have here is my husband, work, and home.  I’ve missed Washington my family and friends. I was getting my hair done and my hair dresser goes to a crossfit in Schertz.  I have passed AMAZEn Bootcamp IACF several times. I decided on my way home to stop. Tracy greeted me. She was by herself and getting ready to start a class. Instead of telling me to come back later or look at the website she spoke with me to give me information and asked me to hold on she had to start class.  She came back over to me to give me more information. Thank you that meant everything to me. I went the next morning.  I was nervous. I didn’t understand anything on the board. I asked someone near me if she was starting class.  She was just finishing.  I said oh I’ve never been here and I don’t know what anything means. I don’t remember who it was but instead of saying oh they will tell you. She started explaining things to me. She introduced me to the coach and let me know they would go over everything before the workout. I was hooked from day one. God truly works in mysterious ways. I so needed this place! I love they start workouts with a prayer. I stopped going to church there were so many kids and all I would do is cry when I was there.  AMAZEn Bootcamp has brought me back to God and restored my faith.  The second class I went to I met Laura King and Kari Brown who welcomed me. I have met so many amazing people. If I have a bad day I know I can go for a workout and it will completely turn my day around.  I leave feeling amazing. The coaches WOW!!! You couldn’t ask for better. Camilla always smiling and bringing Sarabi for us to love. The first couple weeks I didn’t know Jordan was Channel’s daughter. She’s always in a good mood. Alisha you know she listens you can see on her face she’s truly genuine when she talks to you.  Sickler full of energy, goofy, and just makes you feel good.  Warren thanks for listening, pushing me to do more. Also thanks for the rock music during a workout. Tracy who I first met made it happen for me to be here.  She’s truly one of a kind. It meant the world to me when she text me to see if I was ok. It’s nice to know people care. Thank you Channel and Tommy for AMAZEn Bootcamp IACF. I needed this place in so many ways. It has made me ok with living in Texas. Amanda

Friday, December 3, 2021

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cecily 4:04pm
Congratulations Amanda!!! So proud of you and all that you have achieved. It is an honor to spotlight you today!!! Keep rockin' it girl!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tracy Ma 7:11pm happy for you. So proud!!!! You really hit the ground running here.... Your progress has been remarkable. And fast.  Love your work ethic ....and your attitude in the gym - it's inspiring!! So so glad you walked into our little gym that day, and I had the pleasure of first talking to you, then coaching you, even working out w you. ...and now, calling you my friend!!! Can't wait to wod in your honor. I'm sure it'll be a beast, just like you!!!! 💪💪

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Daniel K 8:28am
Great spotlight choice!  Honor is very deserved!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Jamie A 10:01pm
Amanda, you deserve this!  You have always welcomed me and made me feel great!  You are a great motivater and inspiring!!  Good job!  God bless!

Allison H 11:30pm
So awesome!! Congrats to you, Amanda. Can't wait to honor you :)

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