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Awe thanks you guys for nominating me! Wow! So excited and surprised when I got Channel’s email. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!
Hello, my name is Margaret Baker Mahan and I am addicted to aMAZEn Boot Camp and Iron Antler CrossFit. Haha.
The WOD is called “is it Baker or Mahan?” I am always confusing people with my name. I have been divorced for 6 years. My maiden name is Baker, but I have struggled with not having the same last name as my boys. I am transitioning slowing, and am working towards making it official…….maybe now is the time.
I grew up as a child of Methodist missionaries. My parents wanted to make a difference by helping people in gangs know they had a choice, and that there could be a way out. They built churches and communities for the people that
were ready to leave the gangs, and seek refuge. My dad even wore a black beret to show that he was neutral, and not affiliated with the gangs (Black Panthers and Vice Lords). We lived in the ghettos of Chicago and Detroit, and
also Hong Kong and Canada. I have some great memories, and some not so great memories. I witnessed some pretty scary stuff. We decided to leave “The Order of the Iron Cross” (that was the name of the missionary, ironic, huh?) when I was in 5th grade, and moved to San Antonio. I love that Channel calls us athletes! I never considered myself an athlete. I always wanted to be a basketball player. My mother said I looked like a ballerina on the court. I was usually the very last one picked for kickball (why did they
do it like that back then?). I decided I needed to stick with dance team in high school. I started running in college, and that began my love of working out.
I have 2 incredible boys who could not be any more different than each other, but so connected at the same time (what brothers tell each other “I love you” every time they talk?) Josh is 21 and studying Audio Production. He does
the sound at a satellite location of Community Bible Church and also Round Up in Bergheim. He plays bass and acoustic guitar and is so talented. Peyton is a senior at SVHS and wants to be a firefighter for SAFD when he graduates. He welds and has done all of the modifications on his Jeep by himself. Both boys love to fish, fish, fish!!! They promise to WOD with me when I turn 50 next year! I love the outdoors, nature, animals, music, and am pretty much a tree hugger. I have been known to go out back and turn over the beetles that I see struggling on their backs when I run past them. :­/
I have been living in Bulverde since 2000. I had seen Power House on my way to taking kids to school for years. I finally decided to try aMAZEn Boot Camp there (don’t remember what year) but immediately fell in love. I took a break to try some other workouts like Barre and another bootcamp in Boerne, to exercise with my friends. Although these were great, the commute stunk and I decided that I needed to work on simplifying my life. I had a fantastic boot camp right down the street! I came back, drank the Koolaid and never looked back. The coaches are all so fantastic! I almost always have the awesome Camilla and our sweet fur baby, Sarabi, but Warren, Jordan, Tommy, Kelli, Tracy and Alisha are all terrific, too!! And funny! The coaches tell me, 3, 2, 1, pick it back up! Even
though I don’t want to pick it back up, I pick it back up and am glad they made me pick it back up!!! The coaches focus on each one of us, and we all know how much they care and love what they do. I have made some special
friends here, and am so grateful to Channel and Tommy for this aMAZEn gym they have provided for so many of us. I am motivated not only by the coaches, but by the other athletes!!!! It’s so great to hear someone screaming your
name and cheering you on when you feel like you can’t finish.
Thank you for making us athletes!  Margaret

Friday, October 22, 2021

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Warren 10:00pm
Alright Margaret, Congrats!!!! Excited to coach your wod and can't wait to try this new move. I remember coaching you back at PH and now at our new home. I glad you tried some other stuff, but you can't beat this great place. Love how you always give 110% even if your not feeling it, that's when I know you need just a little push. That's what we're here for.

Tracy Ma 11:38pm
Congrats Margaret.... So excited for you....., bummed for me cause I'm out of town. Sure will miss being there on your wod day....but I will give it a go when I get back ;). I luv your work (out) ethic...always all in .... This is well deserved spot light're a ferocious athlete and beautiful caring person....a perfect fit at our boot camp family ☺️  So glad I get to know you, work out w you and coach you sometimes. Keep up the great work!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Kelly R 6:06am
So excited that you have been chosen for this Margaret!! I always look forward to working out with you and so glad we have gotten to know each other. You truly rock it!!  One of these days I'm going to catch up to your running time lol! Love you girl and thank you for being my friend...Kelly Raney

Allison H 8:38pm
Congrats!! Can't wait to honor you :)

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