Allie Hillis 11/13 Wear PURPLE

I was in tears when I got the email from Channel that I (of all the ABCers) was nominated! So not expecting that email at all. Feeling very humble to say the least. I ran next-door to hug my neighbors, too bad they weren't home!
This is harder then you think, to talk about yourself :) I'm scatter brained, so forgive me for jumping around.
I am a simple person that stays in the back shadows, I thought ;)
We moved to Spring Branch July 4, 2014. Wow! Just over a year ago. I had been going to a gym regularly in New Braunfels for a couple years. I worked out 3-5 times a week with my trainer and the same 4 ladies every time. In August 2014 I got an unexpected phone call... My trainer had died of a heart attack. I was in complete shock!!  It took me 4 very long months to walk back thru those gym doors. I tried a couple times, but never made the drive. When I did, I felt alone, empty and broke down in tears. The ladies I was working out with started a group but I just couldn't.
When we were unloading boxes to our new home, our next door neighbors come walking over and introduce themselves. Who knew we would be living next door to 2 ABC lovers!?!? Kirk and Sandie Schneider! It only took them 4 days before asking us to join them sometime at the gym they go to. I laughed and said, I'm good I go to NB with a trainer. Sandie would text on a Sunday and ask if I wanted to go try boot camp with her. I felt lucky a couple times cause my boys would be napping. I knew I was off the hook, haha!  I didn't tell her right away what happened with my trainer and how I wanted to go but I just couldn't. I felt that Gary, my trainer was my security blanket or something. I was uncomfortable going from then on. So in January 2015 I stopped.
I let the unpacking, decorating and getting kids ready for new schools be my focus. I have 3 cute kiddos that I absolutely adore! I am so blessed to be a stay at home mom. In my eyes I had to do all I could with them and for them...I completely forgot about myself. I put myself on the back burner and the years I spent at the gym pushing and pressing were gone! I didn't recognize myself in pics or the reflection in my truck window!! I was gone.
A couple months goes by and I get a text from Sandie. She wanted me to meet her at boot camp. I knew deep down I wanted to go, but I was so not ready for someone I knew to see me in a gym. It had been waaaay too long. I got out of it with soccer practice or something. I remember her telling me in the driveway that night, she loves it. It's like no other place out there and if I would just go one time I'd see what she meant. 9 months go by, NINE. In April I went. I didn't tell them I was going. I didn't want anyone knowing I was going! I'll never forget it. That first day. Sickler was coaching and it was a partner WOD. Thankfully a friend of mine, 'Berry' talked me into going this particular day, cause she became my partner. Not even half way thru it... I found Tracy Martin. I looked at her and I said, what do I owe for the 15 minutes I've been here? She was so confused! Are you done? You're leaving? She convinced me (somehow) to come back on Friday. It was Wednesday, I had 2 days to talk myself out of it!! Well, she was right, I am worth giving myself another try. She in all honesty is why I'm there today. I love her straight forward, uplifting ways. I felt comfortable again.
I hate that I'm still nervous to workout with my neighbors. But I'm working on that :) I'm hard on myself and I am my worst enemy. I wear a necklace every time I workout that says Me vs Me... and it's true! Thank you Kaila. Thank you Tracy for being the awesome coach you are. Thank you Cristy for being my motivation and WOD partner many, many times! This isn't just any gym to me. I love the welcome feel when you walk in. I love all the 'You got this' flying around. I love all the coaches! I love the fellowship. I love the friendships. I love that I am doing this for me!
I greatly appreciate the nomination, it means more to me then you'll ever know!

Blessings to you all!
Allison (Allie) Hillis

Friday, December 3, 2021

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Janette 10:38pm
Congratulations Allie💪🏽. Can't wait to honor you tomorrow!!

Warren 11:26pm
Congrats Allie!!!! Love your testimony. Tomorrows your day!!!! Keep up the hard work!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kaila 6:23pm
Thanks for making me cry Allie!!! You seriously deserve this because YOU motivate ME! Love you more than you know!!

Lynn B 6:23pm
So super excited for you my friend!!

Sandie 8:11pm
Allie, I knew the day I met you that you would be a special friend. I love your laid-back, fun spirit and your sense of humor! I also knew the day I met you that you would eventually be a member of our ABC/IACF family. I could tell that you had an inner strength and competitive edge about you, you just needed to find it. I am so proud of you! You are looking AMAZING!!  I know you are still working toward your goals, and I am confident you are going to be there soon!!! I can't wait to honor you!!!! Love you so much, neighbor!😘

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