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How do I express how excited and honored  I am to be chosen as a spotlight, the one who was always picked last to join any kind of sports's just unbelievable!
A little about me.I have been married to my soulmate for 24 years we were high school sweethearts. Michael is an wonderful husband but an even better dad. We have two amazing, beautiful daughters. They are both outstanding  soccer players (their athleticism definitely did not come from me.) I can not tell you how much strength I get from them. So many times when they were little and playing in a soccer game, I would encourage them when there was 5 minutes left to stay strong, and play hard, which they did!!! I didn't realize what I was asking from them until I started running on a tread mill and/ or doing burpees for 5 minutes!!! Ugh!!! They must have thought I was crazy!!! But, they continued to play! They showed their strength by continuing when they were tired and had had enough and also when they would get hurt in a game, they would play it be a broken toe,  a broken arm, a black eye... they would play on. So, when I work out I continually reminder myself of my own words and of their strength and determination and force myself to keep on for 5 more minutes.... When I trip on a bar and scrape my leg and get the 'missed the box' jump scratch I keep on because I know they would. They truly are my strength and inspiration!  

My story is fairly simple and I think many will be able to relate to. One day after much convincing from a dear friend of mine, Stephanie Scott, I decided that it was time for a change. I needed to start focusing on me. I had been too busy being a mom to my two strong, super athletic girls, that I had ' let myself go' . I was feeling exhausted when I climbed stairs and has called my scale a 'liar' enough!!!  I came to amazing Bootcamp and not only feel in love with the place but more importantly the people. I felt comfortable and not judged. Even when I was laying on the ground about to pass out my first day. So, I kept coming back and after  3 months I was so proud of myself because I was getting signed up for unlimited access! I remember telling Channel. ..this is big for me!!! Now, It's been over a year and I guess I would say that is huge for me. Most other places lasted only weeks. So yep, huge!!!!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this special group of spotlighters!  Thank every single members of ABC for your support there have been countless of  times when a 'you got this' from someone running by has given me that extra boost I need to complete a WOD.  To my partners in crime --they always get me in trouble..;) Laurel Miller and Stephanie Scott I love you two, yall keep me in check and I like that. A special thank you to all of the coaches, I love you all! Your guidance and support is priceless! And last but not least thank you Channel and Tommy for giving me a place that has changed my life.

'I workout because I can and for that I am blessed!' Thanks again!
Lisa Fields

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, November 2, 2015

Warren 8:27am
Way to go Lisa!!!!! Congrats!!!! Its great to see you and your daughter workout together. Thats really special and cant wait for my daughter to get a little older and join me. You've come a long way and it shows.  Keep up the hard work! Can't wait to wod and Coach in your honor!!!

Lea 9:18am
Loved your WOD, Lisa! And I love to see you and your daughter (and your posse) workout together! Congratulations!☆☆☆

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tracy Ma 8:51pm
Yay Lisa!!!! So excited. Well deserved SL. Love your determination and your work ethic. Cant wait to see what your wod is....and give it a try. It'll be my 1st one back since the tailbone incident ;)  seriously, congrats!!! Excited and happy for you. You have come a long way and it SHOWS!!!! Keep it up girl.

Stephanie S 9:00pm
I'm so excited to wod for you tomorrow sweet girl and I'm so glad I finally irritated you into coming to ABC/IACF. I'm crazy proud of you for all that you have accomplished but am also thankful for all you've done for me, always supporting . I love all of your smiles and encouragement and your positive attitude. Love you girl!

Laurel 9:00pm
Lisa I am so EXCITED to do your WOD!  Your positive attitude and encouragement has kept me going on more than 1 occasion~~So glad you decided to come to bootcamp--now I have a forever friend and another awesome workout partner!!!  Hugs hugs hugs---and just 5 more minutes 😋

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