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I am so honored and appreciative that I was nominated as the Spotlight Athlete!!  And totally giddy about it too!  Someone has noticed how much I love everything about aMAZEn Bootcamp/Iron Antler Crossfit!!  With that said, I told Channel I don’t have a story… I think I’m just kind of vanilla and don’t have any inspirational stories.  She told me ‘everyone has a story, so just tell us about you’.
So here goes…  I grew up with divorced parents who both loved me very much.  I was the only child in my entire extended (close by) family until I was 23 when I had twin cousins join our family.  So I know a little bit about the ‘spotlight’ feeling.  There is an amount of pressure and knowing there is no room for error.  I think I grew up faster than some and learned to be self-sufficient, set in my ways, and a perfectionist early in life.  My mom and I moved to Huntsville, TX when I was 10 years old.  I remember thinking my life was over.  I remember a boy in black wranglers and a ten gallon black cowboy hat in my first PE class.  I remembering thinking I had moved to the most redneck place EVER!! But moving to Huntsville was the best thing that happened to me.  I made the best friends (sisters) I could only dream of and ended up marrying the boy in the black wranglers and cowboy hat.
I’ve never been a very athletic or healthy girl.  I played tennis in junior high, danced drill team in high school, and became a Strutter at Southwest (Texas State) for my first year of college.  That’s as athletic as I got… After I stopped drill team, I started gaining a little weight.  I didn’t like it, but I wasn’t overly concerned with it either.  After several years of dating, my husband and I finally got married in 2008.  We struggled with having a family for almost 2 years until we were finally blessed with twins in 2010.  We had Ty and Tara!  I called them my one stop shopping.  I knew twins would be a challenge, so I planned ahead and had a very strict schedule in place.  My body obviously had seen better days, but I was too busy to even think about it then.  In 2012, I think God thought I was doing a FANTASTIC job with my twins or thought I needed more of a challenge (I believe He has a plan for everything), so he blessed us with another little boy, Luke.  Once I had 3 small babies to take care of, I had a period of postpartum.  I was overwhelmed and didn’t feel I could do anything right (which I was used to doing everything right!). Then my husband wanted to move us to Bulverde (I hate change) away from our family and friends.  We moved to Bulverde November 2012.  I loved the area, but missed all my loved ones.  I’m very quiet and shy around new people or people I don’t know.  So I have a hard time making new friends.  Liz Gibson is the first friend I made in Bulverde.
Liz came to me late 2014 and asked if I wanted to try this bootcamp she had been going to.  At this point, I hated how my body looked after all the babies.  I had already tried yoga, running, and the gym thing (even hired a personal trainer for a few months) and didn’t have any results from any of it!  I thought ‘sure, why not’ when Liz asked me to go.  I started going twice a week (while my kids were in school).  I was intimidated at first and COMPLETELY out of my element.  It took maybe 2 classes before that superhero feeling started creeping into my blood after I finished a WOD.  I couldn’t believe I was actually starting to like this butt-kicking I was doing to myself on purpose.  Jordan and Tracy were the first coaches I met.  They made me feel like I was important and that it mattered to them if I showed up or not.  I loved all these feelings I was getting just to go work out.
I hadn’t met Channel yet, but had started reading her emails and hearing about her in prayer.  I was amazed with her courageousness.  One of the first emails I read of hers was her talking about taking little things for granted (she had just started losing her hair).  Every email I read where she poured her heart out, I started applying to my own life.  I can’t begin to imagine what Channel goes through daily, but I started looking at my little things I take for granted and started looking how she has time to accomplish so much while not being at 100%.  I remember when I did finally meet Channel.  I didn’t know what I was expecting after hearing so much about her and her struggles, but she was so beautiful, so petite, and so friendly and welcoming to me!  Of course the owner of this fantastic place was just as wonderful!!
I was HOOKED after just a few classes!  I started losing a little weight.  I started seeing a little definition in some places.  Then becoming close friends with the goofy Melissa Reed was the icing on the cake!  She was experiencing all the same feelings I was.  We were able to talk non-stop WODS and not think each other were any crazier than norm!!
Tracy has been my biggest influence at ABC/IACF for me.  I think she is completely amazing!  Tracy is the perfect fit for my personality with the right ratio of toughness:butt-kicking:humor:friendship.
Since I’ve started at aMAZEn Bootcamp/Iron Antler Crossfit, I’ve lost 28lbs (3 sizes) and toned up a bunch!  My kids like going and watching me work out too.  They are the only people I know that love to show off their burpee and with a smile!  My kids now ask me when eating different foods ‘will this make your muscles big or make you fat?’  I love that I’m influencing healthier decisions for them that may not have been such a priority to me before ABC/IACF.  I’m proud that I am doing something meaningful and as a good example for them!
So while aMAZEn Bootcamp/Iron Antler has physically helped me get back into shape, they have also fulfilled every other aspect in my life I was lacking at the time.  I truly love everyone there and I’m so proud to be considered part of the family!
Thank you so much!!
P.S.  And I thought I didn’t have anything to say… Unicorn mode on everything!  Haha! :)

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