Kelly Raney 09/28 Wear Black & White

Thank you for nominating me for a Spotlight WOD! I absolutely love this place! I have been coming consistently for over 5 years and it never gets old to me.  There is so much I can share about the growth and change I have seen with Channel and Tommy. I have watched what was once a small BC family working out in the school gyms become a large BC/Crossfit community of loving and encouraging people. I wake up everyday and get excited that I have this in my life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of so many things that I would have never done on my own.  Thank you Channel and Tommy for being a great example to us all on what it means to put actions behind your love for people. Thank you for being a driving force that pushes us all to make ourselves stronger from the inside out.

Well now to write about myself ugh! How many times will I erase and rewrite this? How much will I let people know about me? Hmmmmmm. Well let's see....
My testimony (deep breath) is no fairy tale.  I grew up really fast and ever since I can remember I have been responsible for someone else. I lost my mother tragically at the age of 8 to drug abuse. My younger brother and I went to live with my Dad in a very dis-functional and unhealthy home to say the least.  During my childhood I was never really into sports or pushing myself physically. I flew under the radar socially because I knew my story was tragic and different. I found it hard to relate sometimes with other girls because I knew I was missing something.  I met my husband Jason at 16 and boy did that summer change my life. From there on we were on the fast track of becoming adults, having my son Brody at 17, getting married at 18 and then having my son Gage at 19.  In that same time God blessed me with an amazing Mother-in-law Penny who showed me how to be a mother, how to take care of a baby, how to love her son unconditionally and how to see people through the lens of Jesus. God had an amazing gift for me in her.  Over the next decade we moved across Texas for our careers and my weight started to slowly increase and I hated the way I felt about myself.  When my boys were 14 and 12 I was at my heaviest weight ever and I found out I was pregnant again with my son Maverick and life really changed for us. I mean really!  Jason decided to make a job change and we moved here to the Spring Branch area in 2007 without any family or friends. Even though I had actually lost all my baby weight (due to nursing) I knew I needed to get healthier and I wanted to be stronger. I also wanted to meet new friends and push myself out of my own head.  In 2010 I heard about ABC through my son's preschool at BUMC.  I was really nervous when I first started but I immediately fell in love with everything Channel was doing.  I started working out like I never had before and even crying many times because of how weak I felt on the inside and out.  I would come home dirty, sweaty and with these little black turf things in all sorts of places and just cry about my victory. Something in me changed as I started to mentally and physically push myself. I felt like God was showing me my full potential and the strength I have always had within me.  I started to believe in who I was and no longer allowed fear keep me from trying something new.  Over the next few years I ran Beach to Bay, 5K runs, got muddy in the river, went to ABC bible study and really grew in my self confidence.  In 2013 around the time that Channel was battling cancer my mother in law Penny also found out she had cancer.  Through the next year there were many prayers lifted for Penny and I was so encouraged by the outpouring of people that asked about her.  Channel continued to be that strong voice in prayer for Penny even in the midst of her own struggles.  Then in 2014 Penny lost her life to brain cancer and I will tell you it was the biggest pain we as a family have ever faced. My BC family stepped up in such a might way with food, donations and prayer. At her funeral we decided to celebrate Penny's life and create a memory of love and fun like the person she was.  At the end we played one of her favorite songs and we all got up and danced with joy knowing she is with the Lord and I see Channel in the back of the room and my heart was overjoyed.  She had taken the time to come and be a part of Penny's service having never even met her.  That meant the world to me. Thank you Channel.  

This last year I have really been on a mission to be healthier and stronger than ever before letting my responsibility to myself be just as important. Working out over these last 5 years some how I no longer fear acceptance from other women. The shame of my childhood and the past has become my sword and my opportunity.  Through BC/Crossfit and the people here I feel like the workout is the bonus, it's the presence of God through each of us that builds our strength.  Weights are lifted everyday and burdens carried to the point of exhaustion but we are stronger and we are better, we are more powerful than before in our spirits and in our bodies.  As we continue to pray for you Channel we will never give up.  As we stand in the gap for you and ask God for healing we will not waiver. I Love you sweet friend.
Be Blessed,

Kelly Raney

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lea 6:10am
When I first joined, you always stood out to me. You had this quiet, powerful and steady strength. And now to know you are just as mentally and spiritually strong.....I am just in awe! Thanks for sharing your testimony! You are one special gal! Congratulations, Raney! Excited to honor you today!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tana 2:42pm
Congrats Kelly
Can't wait to honor you tomorrow...

Margaret M 8:03pm
Thanks for sharing this, Raney.  It's hard to open up about some of the stuff in our lives.  Hugs hugs hugs.  You are amazen!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Shanna D 8:09am
I've known you since the beginning! You are amazing! I'm so proud to call you a friend. You are a blessing to us. Can't wait to wod in your honor!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cristy 6:07am
Wow! Your story is so inspirational. Thank you so much for your courage and strength in sharing.

Cecily 10:49am
You are an incredible woman of God, Kelly! Thank you so much for sharing your story and being a voice for hope! It is our privilege to honor you and bring glory to Him! Love ya big!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jennifer Wa 7:38am
Wow!  What an amazing testimony. Even though I knew most of this it was incredible to read.  You are a beautiful person inside and out.  You are so strong and so fast at bootcamp!  I always try to keep up and never can!  You Rock it!!  Your family is so lucky to have you as a wife and mom.  I feel so lucky to have gotten to know you and be your friend!  I know you probably want to shoot me for opening my mouth but you deserve to be in the spotlight and be the spotlight bootcamper!!

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