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Weight has always been a struggle for me. From what I picture myself as being, to what I think 'the world' thinks I should be.   A poor self-image can be extremely destructive!

A summary of my life:  we lost our mom to cancer, I was only 17 and still in high school.  I struggled immensely and it was my dad who encouraged me to join the Air Force.  That’s how I met my darling husband    Just a year after we married, we received devastating news our dad had a massive heart attack and passed away.  I was heartbroken.  Darren and I had our first son shortly after, and he was in the NICU for 6-weeks.  I lived in middle-of-nowhere Alaska, thousands of miles from friends and family.  I ate like crap, never worked out, wanted out of the military, and wanted to be part of civilization again!    After having our second son, my hubby was still on active duty and he was deployed a lot!  So once again, I found myself alone and this time living in middle-of-nowhere Idaho!   It seemed like overnight I gained all of the weight, and I knew my eating habits were really bad!  I hated how I looked and how I felt.

I was one who always wanted the “quick-fix” weight loss answer.   I made attempts to workout but would always make an excuse or justify why it made sense to quit.  I was a quitter.  I was an emotional eater.  I was out of shape, out of breath, and the physical ailments were catching up (headaches, gall bladder, asthma, and tendonitis).  I gave up and accepted this as my new reality.

I was introduced to CrossFit by a friend and WOW!   My life changed!  I was dead sore, nauseated, and shaky but it felt great to feel so alive again!   I am so happy we found aMAZEn Boot Camp / Iron Antler CrossFit.  I am so thankful for Tommy and Channel, for the entire coaching staff, for the new friends I’ve made and I am so thrilled to be a part of this family!   I feel like I am proud of myself, and I feel like I am setting a great example of fitness for my sons.  Afton - wife and mother of 2:


Thanks for the nomination! How exciting!  Moving to San Antonio a year ago and finding aMAZEn Boot Camp has been such a life changer for me.  For several years, I found myself unhappy, unhealthy and the heaviest I have ever weighed.   I had 3 beautiful grandchildren and hated every single picture of myself with them.   I felt horrible about myself.

I knew something had to change, and that something was my daily food decisions.  As a nurse, I often don’t have time to eat anything at all.   And I never understood how not eating could actually make me gain more weight!   I did commit to a lifestyle change and healthier eating habits, subscribing to a PALEO meal service, which taught me some really great lessons on nutrition.  I made sure to plan meals, to pack meals, to eat my meals.   I began to see results!  I dropped 50+lbs  and had knee-replacement surgery.  I felt renewed!

I credit aMAZEn Boot Camp, the wonderful coaches (Kelli, Tracy, Camilla, Alisha, Jordan, Tommy, Cecily), for helping me through my rehabilitation.  It was great therapy for my knee and gave me some seriously awesome cardio endurance!

I'm 55 yrs old!   I complete WODs!   I lift weights!  Row and run 5Ks! Thank you everyone at aMAZEn Boot Camp & Iron Antler CrossFit for all the support I get every time I walk in those doors!!

Bless you all!
Carol – nurse, grandmother of 3:

Why I WOD:
I could talk about the way CrossFit has transformed me physically and changed the way I view myself as an athlete, but I want to take a different approach and focus on the way it healed my heart and soul.

CrossFit has become such an important part of my recovery.  Recovery???  Yes, I’ve had the sports injuries, surgeries, etc. but I’m talking about emotional and mental recovery.  I admit to my Boot Camp/ CrossFit family that I am not perfect and I go through bouts of the “d-word”…..depression.   Taboo right?!

Not always being happy or feeling good definitely sucks, but working out is where I’m able to be myself, yet escape myself….make sense?!   It’s a place where I can shut my brain off for an hour and let my body do all the work!   I make it a point to leave all that extraneous junk at the door and give 100% of my effort to the workout of the day.   I found that once I was able to allow my inner-self to heal, the other benefits and physical changes from diet/ sweat/ hard-work/ determination were becoming more apparent.  I started to open up, talk more, smile, laugh, workout harder and faster.

Through CrossFit, I’ve taken back my self-confidence, my self-respect, my self-worth.  It has given me something to look forward to everyday.

The reason I WOD is because I can.  The reason I WOD is because it makes me feel a million times better.  The reason I WOD is because I love seeing everyone and seeing their progression towards better health and fitness.  The reason I WOD is because it is who I am and I love that part of me now! Meggan –

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, September 21, 2015

Lea 10:13am
It was an honor to celebrate you strong ladies today! Loved your WOD! You are an inspiration to all!

Cecily 10:50am
You three DEFINITELY hold a special place in my heart ❤️ I admire your honesty, your tenacity, your drive, your 'no excuses' and your facial expressions during a WOD (@Afton)😜 it has always been a pleasure to have you in class or working out right alongside you. I'm so thankful we get to honor you with this WOD today!! I KNEW we'd get to throw some weight around in this one!! 😉

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tracy Ma 8:45pm
Love you three big time 😘❤️ ..... So glad you got the SL .... Well deserved. Can't wait to WOD in your honor.. You guys bring it every WOD and I LUV that!!!   And I'll wear my blue but that's as far as I can go down that road orange allowed in my Aggie house 👍 but blue... That I got 😜🏈⭐️ Haha.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tracey_D_King 4:26pm
Such awesome testimonies, ladies!   What an honor to get to celebrate you and be thankful for this amazing family here at ABC/IACF!  Way to go, ladies!  ;)

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