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I am not sure how to write this so forgive me if I sound disjointed.

   I will start by saying that growing up I was active and athletic.  I loved the outdoors and volleyball was my passion.  I ate relatively healthy and did not diet or count calories.

   Fast forward to January 2003.  I was clinically depressed and had no clue and neither did anyone else. I still managed to get out of bed daily and be a wife, mom, friend.   I did however, drop out of all church activities (I was involved in leading a college class, teaching a daisy's class, and in a small group) and quit playing volleyball.  By May 2003, I had gained 25 pounds and was binging/purging.  I later learned that clinical depression doesn't always mean curling up in a fetal position and not getting out of bed.  Clinical depression can manifest in many ways!
   By the end of November 2003, I was divorced from first husband, married to second husband and weighing 30 pounds less.  Now I was starving myself.  
   Fast forward again....I met a wonderful lady who is now my best friend.  She listened to my story and did not judge me but instead encouraged me.    I stopped starving myself and in doing so, I gained back the 25 lbs.   I stopped starving myself and no longer binged/purged but I did/do stress eat and was NOT doing  any exercise.
   Due to a lot of stress/struggles, I hit my highest weight ever  by 2014.   Then in January 2014, I was in a small group with Channel.  She told me how it was on her heart to start an E class.  I told myself that if she did this, I would be one of the first to sign up!   By April 2014, I knew I had to do something.  I was COMPLETELY WINDED  walking from the parking lot to the entrance at my work (this would compare to parking just past the handicapped parking at TARGET and walking to the TARGET sidewalk).  My blood pressure was elevated, I was pre-diabetic, my knees hurt from the extra weight, and the weight was not good for my heart (mitral valve prolapse and heart surgery at age 5)
   I came to the first class nervous, scared and feeling like a loser.  I left feeling like the class was tough, and I was completely out of shape but knew I would be back!  I  left feeling loved, supported and not  judged!!!!   Being judged throughout my life, the supportive attitude was exactly what I needed!!!  And knowing that the coaches pray before every WOD made me realize that the support would go beyond the physical health aspect.
   Over this past year, not only have I lost 36 lbs, I have gained muscle, strength and endurance. My blood pressure is great -95/55 with pulse of 58. .  I am no longer pre-diabetic.  My knees no longer have the extra weight to deal with and being in better shape is much better for my heart. I have increased in my ability and can now do C wod on most days.  I feel better and am setting a good example for my kids.   And although I still stress eat at times, there are many more days, like today, that I go to the gym to relief stress.  I feel so blessed that no matter WHEN I go, someone is always there with a smile or encouraging word!!
    I am so Thankful that Channel listened to her heart and started the E class and hope that I can encourage others the way that I was and continue to be encouraged.  
Hugs to everyone,

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, August 10, 2015

Jo A 9:09pm
So proud of you!  Thank you for a great WOD!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tracy Ma 10:15pm
Big WooHoo 🎉🎉💪💪. Long time coming!! You are so deserving. Loved watching you get stronger and more's amazing. Also really enjoyed getting to know you better on a personal level...our talks and 'son shares' 😜 you are a strong and special person Laurel, can't wait to WOD in your honor. Muah!!!!

Stephanie S 11:11pm
I can't wait to wod in your honor tomorrow! I'm am so thankful to have my bestie as a workout buddy! I love the encouragement you've given me so many times on this fitness journey and I love seeing you offer that encouragement to so many others up here at Amazen Bootcamp & Iron Antler Crossfit.  I'm so proud of you!  You've been through some tough times these last few years but you haven't given up and you've made big changes in becoming a healthier woman. (Not to mention, you're looking awesome, too!) Love you sweet friend!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Amanda M 12:42pm
I enjoyed your testimony and way to go on all your hard work!!! Take it one day at a time. You have accomplished a lot.  I'm new at this cross fit and I agree with you the people are amazing. I was intimidated at my first class but it quickly faded everyone was genuine and helpful I look forward to meeting you 😊

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