Czerminski 07/02

It truly is a great accomplishment for my family and I to receive the spotlight athlete and I would like to thank everyone from the ABC/IACF family for continually motivating me and pushing me past my comfort zone. Every time I go to Bootcamp, no matter the level or difficulties present in the workout, I always come out thinking how blessed I truly am to have a second family as wonderful as the people there.

I’ve always been an extremely active child and did as many sports as my mom would put me in like soccer, karate, horseback riding, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, track, and many more. This past year, I participated in the volleyball program at SVHS. It was a good experience for me to be involved in a team sport, and gave me many life lessons that I can carry with me throughout my life-especially on how to deal with dramatic teenage girls! Although true, this is beside the point I am trying to make. It gave me a good work ethic during on-season, but when off-season workouts came along, I found myself wanting more out of it than continually trying to get bulked up with explosion/quickness workouts and weight room workouts multiple times a week. I enjoy a challenge and have an extremely competitive streak and wasn’t feeling like I was being pushed enough, especially having the same exact routine every day. During the time I had in Christmas break, I hitched a ride with my mom to Bootcamp to check things out. Sure enough, I had the challenge I’d been waiting for (to say the least). Tracy was the coach my first day and really helped me along throughout the workout. One of the many things I love about ABC/IACF is that no matter who attends the class, whether it be a newcomer or a regular, the coaches always go over the positions and forms to ensure everyone’s health and well being. Anyways, fast forward to a couple months after my first class, I found that I would rather be working out at Bootcamp than at the volleyball athletic program. So just about everyday, I would go straight from our workout in volleyball to go workout with my awesome workout partner, who I call Mom, at Bootcamp.  Now it’s the present time and I still go workout about 5 times during the week (my favorite time to go is open gym!). I don’t yet know what the future holds for me but I do currently know that I am going to participate in the track athletics this upcoming year, try out for the Comal County Rodeo Queen competition, and I’m hoping to do the junior crossfit games with Camilla as my coach. So I would like to thank everyone that has been there for me along my journey in athletics and especially Ms. Channel and Tommy for making all of this possible! Love, Hannah Czerminski

Wow what an honor for my family to be nominated for Spotlight Athletes!!  We feel so humbled and grateful for this Amazen BootCamp /IACF family that has become such a big part of our lives! I got Channel’s email just as I was leaving the clinic late yesterday and ran back in to tell Drew.  I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Hannah! I haven’t felt like I was part of a community for a really long time!  Thank you!!

Where do I begin?  I grew up in South Florida.  I have always been super active and love being outdoors.  I always enjoyed water sports – boating, skiing, scuba diving, even riding my bike on the beach.  I played tennis in High School and was a cheerleader.  I started working in a gym in my early 20’s.  I taught aerobics before you even had to get certified! I ended up going to University of Florida and completing my undergrad degree in Athletic Training and Physical Education.  While at UF I worked in the Women’s Training Room with the track athletes and found my love of running!  My first road race was a Half Marathon! And I completed my first mini Triathalon in college.  After graduating, I taught High School P.E. and Health for a couple of years in West Palm Beach and coached Girls JV Volleyball, was Assistant Coach for the Girls Basketball and was the head coach for the Varsity Cheerleaders.  I then went on and completed my Doctorate in Chiropractic in Atlanta GA.  That is where Drew and I met  - our first date was a run along the Chattahoochee River!  

We ended up moving to San Antonio in 1995.  How two beach bums ended up in the desert is quite another story!  But we opened our Chiropractic clinic in Live Oak that year and a few years later started our little family.  I became a stay-at-home mom and pretty much put myself on the back burner for many years.  Our family is super active – Hannah has always had a huge love of horses and started riding when she was 5 years old.  She also had a love of sports – any sport really, but volleyball took hold.  Andrei, our son was into Moto Cross and competed.   I can’t tell you how many ball games and countless practices I sat through!  Then about a year ago things started changing AGAIN!  Andrei started driving and was home less and less.  Hannah was in High School and playing volleyball and wasn’t home much either.  Drew and I were still working and working but I found that I had days where I was very much alone.   I started thinking about what I liked to do.  I had no hobbies to speak of.   But I knew I still had a love of working out.  I had kept up a little routine through the years.  Nothing big – just a lot of running when I could, a little weight lifting and some yoga, depending on the day.  Nothing fun.  I hit a tough time late last year.  I remember driving along 281 by ABC/IACF one Sunday afternoon in November.  I noticed the garage doors were opened and made the decision to turn around and go see what this was all about.  I had been intending to check out Channel’s BootCamp ever since she first started back in our little neighborhood but just never “had the time.”  Warren was the coach that day and he came over to talk to me.  I remember seeing all these people doing all sorts of different exercises and wondering how they knew what to do and here was the coach talking to me!  Organized Chaos!  But I ended up buying a 10 punchcard pass and thought I would try this out a couple of days a week.

My first class was with Tommy coaching.  He taught me to row and how to do Kettle Bells that day.  After a couple of weeks I started getting hooked!  Hannah started getting interested in what I was doing and at Christmas Break I got her a 10 punchcard pass!  When my sister and friend came into town I brought them to BootCamp!  My sister had been doing CrossFit for awhile and she told me I needed to go a minimum of 4 times a week to get the benefits.  OK I can do that! When school started back Hannah and I would come to 4:30 class a couple of times per week. We had our little plan on how to get out of the High School and make it to 4:30!  We barely made it but we did it!  Hannah and I were having fun and pushing each other!  I was (and still am) happy if I don’t get “lapped” by her!   Then Drew started getting interested and we got him a punchpass.  

We have now done the Beach to Bay together and competed in the Kettle Bells for Brain Cells together!  We are having a blast!! I love all of the encouragement from everyone at ABC/IACF.  I love my 6:00 am class – you ALL ROCK!  I love the 8:00 am class – I learned how to make the most of my rowing there!  Thank you!  And 4:30 is super fun!  I get to see folks I haven’t seen in so long!  I love every one of the coaches - Camilla, Cecily, Warren, Tracy, Jordan, Sickler, Angie and of course Tommy!  Thank you for not giving up on me!  I’m proud I can use a little weight now!  And Channel!  I am so thankful for your vision for this community and the way you have brought so many people together through your faith.  You are truly a God-Send!  I love you all BIG!! - Jeanie Czerminski

I Grew up in a small town in NJ, which is only about a square mile (and half is a cemetery).  I was raised very competitively in a family of seven with 5 boys. Most of us were captain of either the football or baseball team or both.  Sports were all year round and that lifestyle continued as an adult.  
Once I became a professional and raising a family, my routine became more sporadic and less consistent. Just like many of us, I can probably think of dozens of excuses why that happens - like boredom, working out alone, crowded gyms, waiting for equipment etc..
My wife Jeanie encouraged me to join her one day and swore that I would like it. My first class was with Tracy and gave me a run for my money. I didn’t realize how out of shape I was. I only did level B. With 2 more levels ahead of me I took the challenge. Only going a few times a month I had a difficult time progressing throughout my 10 punch card pass Jeanie bought me.  Her sister is a competitive athlete as well who told me that you really see considerable improvement if you go 3-4 times a week. Ever since I committed to the 3-5 times per week, I truly feel alive again.  I soon realized that I was implementing the important information I learned about the benefits of the “Burst Exercises” in a recent book I read.
There isn’t a day that goes by in my office that I don’t recommend someone to a Boot Camp Box.  Just this week I told a patient who was moving across country to join a box so she can enjoy all the physical demands that are ahead of her.
I am truly grateful for Channel and Tommy for organizing the quality staff of coaches who are all equally superb .
Thank you,

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cecily 8:33am
You guys all ROCK!!! We are so honored to be able to spotlight your family together and also the individual accomplishments/goals you each set for yourself and achieve!!! Hannah...I have to admit I have a special little place in my heart for you girl! I don't know what it is, but from the very start I saw a fire in you and such a positive beauty!!! I pray that your family continues to have fun together, stay fit together, and be a positive influence on those around them!! Ok...I gotta stop...time to suit up and show up and WOD in y'all's honor!!!! 😘👏

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tracy Ma 2:37pm
Drew....Jeanie.....Hannah .... WooHoo!!!! So glad you guys got this SL. Luv luv luv this family....ea of you have such a fantastic work ethic and outlook ...every wod!!  It shows in the work you do, the progress you've all made... I'm honored to be able to take part in this journey ...from coaching you guys, to working out along with you. You ea are so strong and have a can-do attitude ~ 100% ... all the time. Love it!!!  You (your family) bring an awesome spirit to this gym ... and what a great thing to do together as a family ...WORKOUT...~ so glad you are here!  Can't wait to do your wod.  Muah!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sherry 8:19pm
What a nice family!!  You were the strong ones on our beach to bay team. You trust and are faithful to others. I am always encouraged when I see you at bootcamp. Thank you for your friendship.

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