York & Cova 01/10

Wear your BLACK & WHITE

aMAZEn Boot Camp interview with Shelly Covarrubias and Kristi York 1/03/15

ABC:  What first brought you to ABC?
SC:  I saw how “amazing” our friend Annie Tiller looked and remembered how much fun she always said it was to work out there.
KY:  Annie had been telling me for a while about ABC and then Channel came to our school to do a session for the teachers.  It was hard but SO FUN!

ABC:  What has kept you coming back?  
        SC:  I had gone a few times to the old location and enjoyed it, but I needed a partner to keep me consistent.  I have tried many gyms and workout programs in the past but had never been able to stick to them.  This works for me.  I like how the workouts push me every time but I feel (in my advanced age) that I can go at my own pace.
       KY:  I had been feeling out of sorts and needed some motivation to get healthy.  My children are growing up and life is changing for me as they are both moving on to their college years.  I always leave ABC feeling like I worked harder than I thought I could but knowing I did my very best every time.

ABC:  Why do you think what we do is working for you now?  
     SC:  After 32 years of marriage, my husband has decided to make some changes, and I find myself facing a new life on my own.  Our only child, our daughter Dana, lives in New York City, where she has recently gotten married, to a wonderful guy, and is starting a new chapter in her own life.  Although we travel back and forth as often as we can, I miss her daily.  With ABC, and Kristi’s support, I have a place to go where I can rebuild myself from within, spiritually and physically.  Starting the workouts each time in prayer has helped me to focus on the Lord’s plan for me.  It has helped me to “get out of my problems” and be able to pray for others and their needs as well.  
     KY:  I have always been focused on my children and their busy lives as volleyball players, both in school (GO Churchill!) and club volleyball.  My oldest is a sophomore at Texas State and is no longer playing volleyball but is focused on her studies.  She’s making a new life for herself as a young adult and I have missed her needing me as much.  My youngest is a senior but has graduated early to accept a scholarship to play volleyball at the University of North Texas.  I’m so excited for this opportunity for her but it has been hard knowing that she is moving on and won’t need me as much either.  Working out with Shelly and the wonderful coaches at ABC has helped me to make time for myself and to “get out of my own head” as Channel has told me MANY times.  

ABC:  What words of advice can you share with your fellow boot campers and/or future boot campers?
     SC:  I would say that “You never know what you are capable of unless you show up and be present in each workout.”  Channel has shown me that even when you face a setback, like an injury, you just have to power through it and keep focused on your goals.
     KY:  It all begins with you.  YOU have to get up, YOU have to get dressed, YOU have to get there, and YOU have to do the work.  I have been on every diet and have tried to work out MANY different ways.  This works for me and I am so glad that I tried it.  I have decided to get healthy and this has been my starting point.  I know I can do it and I know I will be able to do whatever comes next for me.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kelli 4:47pm
This is WAY late and I was so sad to miss your WOD but I just LOVE you ladies!  Always such hard workers with positive attitudes!  Keep it up and congrats on the spotlight! <3

Friday, January 9, 2015

Cecily 11:37am
I'm SO excited to WOD with both of you sweet ladies in your honor!! I love your dedication and positive attitudes. It's also SUPER fun watching you workout side by side and having fun doing it together! I want my very own SC or KY!! 😜

Annie t 6:30pm
Ladies, I really do not know what I could tell you both that you have not already heard from others.  I agree with all of it.  The two of you are 2 of the sweetest, most sincere, kind hearted ladies I know.  I feel so blessed to not only be a co-worker of yours and get to see you everyday, but to also be your friend.  Shelly, I adore your sweet spirit and positive attitude, you have dance moves like Cameron Diaz and I love your.  Kristi, we go some years back with a very unique relationship.  I did now know when you walked into my classroom as my student teacher years ago that you would be such an important part of my daily life.  You make me laugh multiple times a day and I know I can tell you anything and you just 'GET ME'.  
I am so proud of the both of you and your dedication.  You girls are so good together and I know that your WOD will be worthy of you both!  

Clint is standing over me and just said 'Hey, I saw them the other day, tell them congratulations'
Love you both mucho!

Tracy Ma 10:18pm
Cova & York .... Yay!!! 👏👏 so glad for you both. Super ladies, super deserving and super strong 💪👭. Y'all are such fun to work out with and to coach. Love how y'all always give it your all. The friendship you two share touches my heart. I feel fortunate to know you .... God bless you both! 😘

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Carla R 9:57am
I'm so excited to honor the 2 of you!  I love when I get to wod with the both of you!  Not only are  you both making yourselves healthier, but you are setting an amazing example to my little Reid!  I love that he sees ABC as the norm!  His mom and teachers from his school all go!  Y'all are setting a wonderful example!  

Y'all are looking great and getting stronger and faster.  Love it!  Love y'all!!!  Congrats and big hugs!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

April G 6:19pm
So proud of both of you!  I love seeing your smiling faces at ABC and the two of you always make me laugh.  Can't wait for this WOD!!

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