Rachal Fries 12/22 WEAR RED

First, This community that Channel and Tommy have created  is one of the most amazing things I have been a part of. I am blessed by each and every one of you!!

YIPEEEE!  I am honored and excited to be the spotlight boot camper!!! I have been coming to ABC for about 3 years with about a year of 'barley' there.  I have always been active and enjoyed working out. I played tennis and ran track in high school, did aerobics and ran in college, did the whole gym thing and videos for several years. A great friend of mine kept telling me to try this amazing 'boot camp' workout.  To be honest, I was a little intimidated and kept making excuses. She was pretty relentless so I finally caved to see what it was all about......need I say more.....HOOKED!!  

I married the most amazing man 12 years ago.  He has loved and cared for me and my sons as his own.  He has always supported anything and everything I have wanted to do.  About 3 years ago we hit the darkest time in our lives.  Many of you know the details, we won't go into them now.  We spent about a year just 'being'.  It was all we could do to go on with our days. Without a strong faith in God we would have crumbled.  I know He has a marvelous plan for our family and we are resting in Him until that time comes.   I am happy to say we are crawling out of our darkness.  One more obstacle to overcome and all prayers will be answered.  This boot camp family has supported me, lifted me up, encourage me, prayed for me and been a place of happiness in my life.  Not only am I getting healthy and fit but I am loving every moment of it and making great friendships.

I will close with saying 'Thank you' to ABC. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. The coaches that are part of ABC are 'THE BEST'!! God bless you all!!!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, December 22, 2014

Warren 12:39am
Congrats Rachel!! Excited to honor you tomorrow!!!! Your always pushing yourself on every wod, getting stronger and not giving up! I love seeing that in you. Keep it up and working hard!!

Janette 10:14am
Congratulations on being our SBC!! It's neat to see you get stronger and faster. Looking forward to honoring and WODing w/ you @ 4:30 today!!

Lisa Ri 11:25am
Rachel you are awesome!!! I honored you this morning at 6AM and your WOD was tuff, tuff, tuff. You are such an amazing person, friend, and a pillar of faith. You have been through a lot but to watch you walk each day with the Lord is a statement of what a strong person you are mentally and physically. Great WOD!!! Merry Christmas. Love in Christ, Richter

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tracy Ma 6:40pm
Shake & Fries!!!!  WooHoo.  Happy for ya. Very deserving, hard working and always smiling. Luv seeing your face come in the place. I just luv U!!!! You are 100% all the time! fun to work out with and to coach.  My fav shake & fries anywhere 😃 keep on doing what your doing...you look great!!! 💪 can't wait for the WOD!

Cecily 7:57pm
Rachal, I just love you! That's about all I can say about it! It's been such a treasure getting to know you and your story. I've watched you walk through the good times and the tough times with grace and a determination that your faith has rooted in you.  Keep persevering...keep loving...keep forgiving...keep working hard 💪! Love ya, and I am excited to honor you tomorrow! 😘

Kelli 8:20pm
Love you Shake n Fries!! You so deserve this spotlight! I'm always so happy to see your smiling face in the gym! Congrats to youuuuu!!! ❤️

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Amanda Di 9:21pm
Way to go Rachael!! You sooooo deserve this girl. You are AMAZEN'! Big hugs

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