Jamie Cruz 12/01

Oh my goodness!! I mean truly OMG! Did I read the email correctly from Channel saying 'I' was nominated for spotlight! I literally had to hop up out of bed hoping somehow if I was standing up that my eyes would refocus or maybe that the email was accidentally sent to me...something. Anything...but nope..it is me. Yikes!

What an honor! I truly mean that! I still don't know how little 'ol me got here but I'm thinking of a couple of friends I need to interrogate and then maybe 'get back' for this! Just kidding! I don't want to minimize this honor at all I just wish that I was in a healthier place or physically stronger or had a great story to share with everyone in order to be truly qualified as a spotlight. But as I sit here thinking about my testimony and looking back at my journey from day one to now, I realize that I have come a long way. Much further than I realized and the best part is that none of it was alone! I never want to go back to sitting on my couch 'thinking' about exercising or buying the next at home fitness video to add to my dusty collection--no sir, not going back to that!!

I've never considered myself as someone who loved fitness or even working out. I did participate in athletics in school but my last team sport was the swim team..unless you count our adult softball team as a physical sport. But we were much better at the 'after party' that usually involved a cold adult beverage, pizza and wings! Ha! So my fitness experience as an adult was non existent and my weight consistently climbed about 5-10lbs a year. I guess I didn't realize how out of control it was until I saw myself in pictures. There's not many pictures of me out there because I'm allergic to pictures..oh ya..I get hives, a rash, the whole nine yards (wish that was true but you know what I mean).  When I would see myself in pictures I just couldn't believe that I was looking at myself. I knew I was big but not that big. Then I would decide that I had to get fit and I would do really good for a few days, weeks or months and try a new video or new diet pill but eventually gave up for random reasons, like slow results, lack of motivation or just too busy in my life. Each failure made it harder to start again though. I got to where I didn't even want to tell my husband if I was trying to lose weight because I didn't want anyone else to know I failed so I just kept to myself when it came to being active and fit.

All of that yo-yo up and down weight changed in 2009. That year I was finally done with being overweight and out of shape. I was finally taking extreme action and I had the perfect plan. I spoke to my doctor and I was more than qualified for the lap band procedure and did all the necessary pre-op requisites to be able to have my surgery January 2010. I was eating better, highly motivated and my home life was perfectly balanced with my husband and I working full time and our two sons (ages 12 and 14) doing great in school and football. All was going according to MY plan.

That was until Dec. 8, 2009. A month before my surgery. I received a call at work from CPS asking me if I could temporarily take in my 5 nieces and nephews while their parents worked services to get them back. I said sure without even thinking twice and was asked to meet in Vernon which wasn't too terribly far from Burleson. We exchanged phone numbers and I mapped out the route to the Wal-Mart there. Then I hung up thinking OMG I've got to ask my husband first!! Crazy Jamie! What would he say? 5 kids? What would my two say? And where on earth would I put them in our 1600sq ft 3 bedroom house!! Oh yeah I am known for doing crazy things but this took the cake! Long story short my husband was on board all the way and the boys felt like it was a long sleep over until 'temporary' became permanent. A year and a half went by and their parents never fulfilled the requirements from CPS and we were able to adopt the kids and keep our crazy little Cruz clan all together! It was an absolute whirlwind of tears and laughter and excitement. We truly know first hand the amazing power of prayer and our wonderful God. He brought us all together and provided so much for us and still continues to this day!

Ok, I know I got a bit side tracked on my fitness, my apologies :) I did do my surgery a month after the 5 new kiddos but I was no longer mentally prepared. I had complications with the surgery and struggled with the fit of my band. I couldn't physically eat the good food and all the bad ones like melting chocolate and dissolving corn chips weren't helping me get healthy and fit. I finally gave up trying and just had them un-fill my band which means there's no restriction on what I can eat. I added the lap band to my long list of failed diet attempts and cringed every time a commercial came on showing others' 100lb weight loss :(

I was at a new low mentally when I pictured myself being thin and gave up on being fit. Until aMAZEn bootcamp. We moved to San Antonio and I noticed how tons of people walked, ran and were just generally outdoors. And it was contagious. I dusted off my favorite video Turbo Jam and actually stuck with it. My new friend Stephanie Perez invited me to bootcamp with her. My initial thought was OMG here's you speaking before thinking once again Jamie! But I was wrong, I survived and came back a couple more times. Then I let the 'too busy' excuses win out. I stayed on the email list though and loved hearing what was going on and seeing the pics and even felt the guilt of letting the couch win!! But guess what? Big things were happening at ABC. When I read the new E level was beginning early this year I knew I had to be part of it...like a revolution. The new Boot camp location was less than a mile from my house and this specific class was for couch potatoes like myself...even though I knew from coming before that ALL classes can accommodate couch potatoes there was just something super special about this E level opportunity. I told myself no more excuses. So I showed up! Channel's amazing smile and dynamic personality was there to greet us all! I met some amazing guys and gals and became hooked. The difference this time for me is that I realize that I'm not doing it alone. I listened to Channels prayers asking God to give us all strength, physically and mentally and for help to get outside of our own minds and focus on the positive because we can't give something away that we don't have ourselves! And it dawned on me that I was doing it all wrong. I forgot to include God in my fitness journey. Now that I have done that, now that I have this new family of aMAZEn people in my life, I know I won't fail. And if I feel weak I know to reach out and let someone help me get right back in the game! I love our bootcamp family and I love seeing the magic of this place bring everyone together. Thank you Channel, Tommy and Jordan! Thank you Coaches! I haven't experienced every Coach's teaching style yet but I know they all have to be great! Even Coach Tracey and her crazy idea of 'FUN' which is soooo not my idea of fun haha but I love it anyways! Big hugs to you all and thank you again for this great honor! Jamie
WEAR PINK  12/1/14

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kelli 8:17am
So excited to honor you!! Love your bright smile and admire your determination! So glad you came back to us! Big congrats to you!!! ❤️

Warren 9:40am
BIG Congrats Jamie!!! From reading your testimony, you have a BIG HEART! Excited for you and all that you have done. Keep up the hard work and glad you came back! Can't wait to do your WOD and coach 6:30 today.

Linda S 1:21pm
Congrats, Jamie!  Well deserved!  :-)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cecily 4:25pm
So excited to honor you Jamie! I'm so proud of your commitment to stick with this crazy Bootcamp family, sounds as if you fit right in! ;) Thank you for being so open and honest about how hard it can be to get fit and stay fit...we all struggle at times, and it's nice to know we are not alone in that! Hugs!!
Coach Cecily

Stephanie Pere 9:37pm
First of all I want to congatulate you on your personal fitness and getting healthy new life!! Way to go mamma. I think your fears and failures show us how human and real you are, so many of us walk this path and never share how scary it is. Thank you for trusting us enough to open up and showing me that it's okay to start over!! Girl if we couldn't have do over what would we do. How awesome that God new what we needed when we met each other. You have a heart as big as Texas and a spirit that shines as soon as people meet you☀️!!
I have seen you push yourself this past year, even when you thought you were burning out, you came back for more. You found your inner strength to keep coming back. Probably figured out you better come back because one of your workout buddies would come and get you!! Ha ha ... I know my buddies do and I love it!! You keep doing your thing and remember you deserve all the praise you are getting. YOU Worked for it!!! Keep getting strong💪💪
Big hugs - love you my good friend.

Janette 10:13pm
Congratulations Jaime not only on SBC but enduring difficult trials! Placing your health first so that you can take care of those around you is key!! Jaime you are a joy to WOD with, encouraging & know that's it's going to be fun!! Looking forward to honoring you tomorrow💪💓😇

Tracy Ma 10:22pm
Jamie.....WooHoo......you KNOW what time it is....FUN time!!!! Can't wait to see that WOD, and to do It !!!!  May even come to the 10 so we can have FUN together :)) so happy for you. So glad it's your turn in the ''light''. Well deserved. You're a hard worker with an excellent attitude, two of my favorite things. There is no limit to how far you can go with your fitness journey, you have all the tools needed to go however far you wanna take it. I'll be honored to tag along your most awesome journey :) you are so fun and such a dedicated boot camper, you inspire everyone around you. I luv ya girl.  Now, go get em' !!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heather t 10:15pm
So proud of you my friend!!!! Can't wait to see you Monday for some 'fun' !

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Keiron 9:21am
Crying big tears as I am reading your testimony, thank you for sharing.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Keiron 7:46pm
Jamie, I am sooo proud of you!  You look fantastic and have such a great attitude.  You have come so far since our early days in the Level E classes!  Your smile lightens up the room.  Looking forward to your WOD!

Stephanie S 10:08pm
Love you sweet girl and I'm so excited to celebrate you! You motivated me soo much during those first months.  I would want to give up and you were so positive and always offering that friendly sweet smile.  You have an awesome attitude that is contagious.  I'm so proud of you and so thankful to have found you,  sweet friend!

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