Keiron Markle 10/03

Wow, I am so humbled by this honor. My first reaction was “I have only been going since April, I am not qualified to be a Spotlight Boot Camper!  My husband said it best “ You must be doing something right”.

I grew up on a dairy farm in southern MN, along with 8 brothers and sisters.  My parents were raised in the “Dirty Thirties” and nothing went to waste.  We  were taught to work hard, to be “seen and not heard” and to clean our plates.  My mother was a fabulous cook, who could make a meal out of nothing.  She fried everything in butter or lard, cooked with cream and we drank whole milk straight from our cows.  We worked from sun up to sun down and spent every waking moment outside taking care of the horses, cows, chickens and any other animal that found it's way to our farm. I hated the summers, while my friends were at the swimming pool I was working in the corn fields and baling hay.

With all of the chores we had to do we were not allowed to play sports, that took too much time away from the farm. So I grew up very uncoordinated and clumsy and hated every aspect of PE, especially track and field.  I was always picked second to the last for every sport and dreaded every minute of it.  I have struggled with my weight and poor self image all of my life. The running joke in my family was that the only skinny ones were my 3 siblings that were adopted from Korea.  I was what you would call a “beefy” girl, a term taken from my friend and coach Alisha! So needless to say I never dated in high school and couldn't wait to graduate and find my own path.

I attended college at South Dakota State University and majored in Mass Communications and Journalism. I picked the easiest major, because I spent all of my time partying and drinking beer.  Of course I put on the freshmen 15 and then some.  I graduated from college in 1993 and took life by the horns.  I spent a majority of my life living in South Dakota working at various radio stations throughout the state.  

In December of 2002 I moved to Texas with a man that I thought was the one.  We married in May of 2003 and I left him in September of that year after being a victim of domestic abuse.  I swore that I was never going to let anyone hurt me again and I threw myself into work.  I was in nursing school and worked 16 hour days at University Hospital trying to forget the pain and heartache that I was going through.  Of course God always has other plans and I met my loving husband Adam in May of 2005 and we were married in March of 2006 and our baby girl soon followed in October.

So being heavy to start with, getting pregnant and having a baby, I was really overweight. I was experiencing food that I had never eaten before, like authentic Mexican food and seafood!  My partying days were over at that point, being a new mommy and all, but food was still my friend.  I am an emotional eater and with every emotion I ate!  So in 2009 I was introduced to diet pills, which quickly became my best friend.  I lost 53 pounds, wore a size 8-10 and was fitting into skinny jeans.  Everyone commented on how great I looked, but inside I felt icky.  My heart would race, skin felt prickly, didn't sleep at night and didn't eat more than 500 calories a day.  But I was thin!  

I got pregnant with our Elijahs in 2010 and I went off the diet pills.  I gained 35 pounds with him and the weight never came off.  My metabolism was so out of whack and my body was trying to adjust to a new baby again. I had heard about this great place that my friend Melanie Little and Raenette Klein went to.  They looked great and recommended that I try Amazen Boot Camp.  So I started in 2012 and went about 4 times and loved it!  I got a corporate job in San Antonio and didn't have the time to work out anymore, so my body didn't have the chance to get into the “groove” of Bootcamp.  So for a year I did what I could, took the stairs at work, walked my blood drives and watched what I ate.  But in May of 2013, I had enough of corporate America and went to work for my husband at Spyderware Technologies.  I always wanted to go back to Bootcamp since I had the time, but I knew how hard it was to get back into it and I was intimidated.  And then I got an email from Channel telling us she is starting a new level E class, for everyone.  I was excited and knew I could do this again! I told Adam I am going back to Bootcamp and you can't stop me!  I started the level E classes in April and realized I was in better shape than I thought, still heavy though.  After a month I decided I need to mix it up and try different levels and fell in love with the 6am class.  

I love the camaraderie, the encouragement, the testimonies and even the tears I have experienced at ABC.   I am in awe of my fellow boot campers at their strength, determination and athleticism.  Thank you Channel for creating the level E class, otherwise I would probably be sitting on the sidelines.  Thank you Alisha for being my sounding board and reminding me that “it is just a number”.  Thank you Tracy and Kelli for always listening being so encouraging and reminding me that “ I got this”.  Thank you Warren for the push to finish in the mornings.  Thank you Angie and Cecily for your kind words of encouragement.  Thank you Jordan for watching my Eli as I am pushing through the WOD.  Amazen Boot Camp has changed my life and is turning me into the  person that I have always wanted to be. I am truly humbled by this and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will be 45 in a few weeks and have never felt better in all my life.  I still have a long way to go to achieve my “ideal” results, but everyday I get a little closer.

Thank you,

Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday, October 3, 2014

Tana 3:44pm
Keiron, okay since I am on here...
Congrats on being in the Spotlight!  
You look amazing and way to keep moving up the levels.  You look Great!

Keiron 7:58pm
Thanks everyone!  Loved seeing and hearing all the comments.  I love ABC and you guys are a huge part of why I am a member.  So appreciate you all suiting up today  :)

Carol Ca 8:58pm
Great testimony! Keep up the hard work! You look great and your warm friendly smile is contagious!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tammy F 7:51pm
Can't wait for your WOD tomorrow! Well deserved! Have I told you, that you look amazing? YOU LOOK AMAZING!

Keiron 7:53pm
Thank you  Tammy, you are so sweet.  See you tomorrow!

Warren 9:41pm
Congrats Keiron!!!! So happy for you and your journey. I remember coaching you from early on and look at you now!!' Keep up the hard work, it's really paying off! Looks like you and Channel came up with a great WOD! I can't wait to workout out in your honor!

Kelli 10:14pm
Keiron!!! You so totally deserve this!! So proud of how far you've come and I really loved reading this testimony and getting to know your past ❤️ Can't wait to WOD in your honor! I'm very surprised though that it's not named after something farm-ish 😉  looks like it's gonna be fun!! Xo

Tracy Ma 10:46pm
Love you so big!!!! Very excited it's your turn to be SLBC. Well deserved. Can't wait to do this WOD in your honor. I bet your son even appreciates it too, ...he sees ;) luv ya girl.  Let's get it!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Marie C 9:06pm
Girlfriend we started level E together and I watched as you got stronger and stronger each week.  You pushed yourself and many times me along the way.  You have always been my rabbit!  I am so proud of you and humbled by your will power and stamina.  Congrats I can't wait to work out with you on Friday!  I hope it's an easy one, ya right!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sharon C 8:33pm
You are always so encouraging and supportive of everyone around you! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to your WOD!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Crystal L 7:30am
Keep going girl!!!! Your amazing!;)

Cecily 8:49am
Keiron, congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story. In my eyes, it just affirms the depth and strength of your character that is evident in you each time you set foot into Bootcamp.  Your hardwork and determination are definitely paying off! Keep it up, and please...please...please keep that beautiful smile across your face. Big Hugs!!
Coach Cecily

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