Fullers 09/20

We are so honored to have been chosen as Spotlight Boot Campers!!
Thank you Channel!

Our fitness journey started in 2011 when my BFF and neighbor, Diana Dickson convinced me to start Crossfit. She was a working mom like me and it was the only place that offered a 6am class. We would get up early, she would pull into my driveway, honk her horn and we were on our way at 5:45am. I had great success and lost 20 pounds over the course of 6-8 months! Until, I had a shoulder injury. I was told that I might need surgery but then a second cortisone shot finally took most of the pain away. (Please don’t look at the big bump on my right shoulder... kind of self –conscious about it!) I took a break and Diana had moved on to Amazen Boot Camp and LOVED IT! I was jealous. I couldn’t attend because there weren’t any 6am classes.  And, I knew I couldn’t do any heavy lifting with my shoulder injury.
When Channel added 6 am classes, I was so excited! I went to one of the first classes and I was one of just a few. I was so nervous they would discontinue them that at Beach to Bay 2 years ago I considered making a poster that said “Amazen Boot Camp – Join Me at 6am!”  The classes continued and I started dragging Jeremy and our cute boys, Colin (11) and Talan (7) with me on weekends until Jeremy also became a regular. I am forever thankful to Diana after all these years for getting me off my rear and in the habit or working out. It not only changed my lifestyle, but also helped our whole family! It even helped my high blood pressure, which is one of those great family traits I inherited and have dealt with since I was in my early 20s. It is amazing how working out can help you feel so much better and also have a positive impact on your overall health. Since Jeremy and I both own our own businesses as State Farm Agents, going to boot camp also helps us keep our stress levels down.  

Jeremy and I were actually chosen earlier this year but had to reschedule because he had some scary health issues. We were vacationing in Hawaii in April and he became very sick. I am sure he doesn’t want me to share all of the details, but we got off the flight home and took him straight to the hospital where he was finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. It is a condition that may give him some issues over the years but is under control now and will force him to watch his diet closely. We are so thankful that he is finally at a point where he can work out and do this Amazen Full- Fuller- Fullest WOD with us!

And, for the history behind the WOD name … I was born and raised in San Antonio and moved away for college in Waco at Baylor University. I met Jeremy while we waited tables together at Red Lobster. While I was training him (yes, I trained him!), I found out that he had the same last name as me. My maiden name was Fuller. Over the years, I think we have heard every joke in the book!! One of the funniest was that instead of hyphenating my name, I should just change it to Fullest (Full- Fuller- Fullest).  So, there you have it! And, just for the record, we are not from Arkansas. Jeremy is from Dallas. You may have also met my sister Jennifer Fuller at boot camp and thought it was Jeremy’s sister and been really confused because she looks like me… well now you know! You’ll see her around more soon after she has her baby girl in November!

We are so blessed that Amazen Boot Camp is another part of our extended family.
Thank you all for your motivation, encouragement and friendliness. Have you ever met an unkind person at boot camp? Umm..no! Lets get more people there and spread the happiness!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tracy Ma 4:21pm
Jeremy & Crystal.... WooHoo....happy you  guys got a turn in the spotlight. Well deserved. Love to see y'all coming in to WOD ...it's fun both working out w ya, and coaching you guys. Great attitudes and always giving it your all. Love to see couples (and families) working out getting their healthy on!!!!! Looking forward to your WOD.  Congrats!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monique 8:01pm
I first met at beach to bay looking all cute in her outfit. Channel said to buddy up so we wouldn't get left behind.   She was a joy as a buddy and is still a joy to talk to and work out with.  I remember meeting Jeremy one freezing morning at power house and he was also such a great person to wod with. I love seeing those Fullers at BC. Y'all have a beautiful family. Congrats !!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Joann 8:15pm
Congratulations! Love your story! Looking forward to your WOD!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tana 8:52pm
Congrats Fuller family.  Well deserved  that's for sure.  Did not know your sister was prego, congrats on that as well as Jeremy being healthy.
Maybe y'all can help get my Jarrod to come with me...Ha
Congrats again!!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Diana D 7:54am
Love this family but I'm definitely nervous about the WOD!!! :). Love the results I've seen in Crystal and love that Jeremy has joined her and they have accountability with each other (wait.......I think I just realized that I've been replaced).  LOL.  We WOD at different times now (b/c I like my sleep) but we still call each other and talk about them and how bad they kicked our booty!! :). Congrats to an awesome couple who deserve this recognition!  Big hugs!!!

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