Alvarado Family 08/25

We started bootcamp after a lot of guilt tripping from Mama Alvarado. She had heard of ABC through the grapevine and went to the grand opening of the current facilities. We have all tried different gyms and programs but nothing had stuck, we are all at different fitness levels; before ABC this was a true challenge. She came back from the grand opening talking all about how great of a workout it was and how there were people at all different levels. Reluctantly, Alyssa and I (Kaitlyn) decided to join her and try it. She wasn’t kidding, the prayer in the beginning seems like such a small thing but I think we can all testify on how big prayers can be answered and how big and great is our God. It was such a different environment than what I was used to, and everyone was there to encourage each other-not compete.  Most importantly, we finally had an activity we could do together.
My family has always been close, but we have also always had different interests or competing schedules.  Everyone did their best to make sure everyone had someone at the game or performance or whatever the activity was, in the crowd for support. Things shifted, as they naturally do, as we got older. We didn’t need rides to activities, practices would run later or start earlier; we saw less and less of each other. But no matter what, at a drop of a hat, if you needed someone, you knew to call on someone in the family. I left for college and noticed what a difference my family has made in my life. It was the first time we had truly been separated. It is crazy what four years can and cannot change.  It can change your perspective on the world (I was blessed to go on a Study Abroad trip in Europe, it really was a God thing), it can change the whole lay out on 281 and 1604 and you can get lost in a place you have driven a million times, and it can change your appearance; but four years did nothing to my family’s relationship. In coming back home, we were back to the Alvarado 5. And with ABC we finally had an activity that we could share. The variation in the WODs brings out each of our individual strengths, and together we are unstoppable.  The environment at aMAZEn Bootcamp invites a communion of supporters so even though we, as a family, like to push each other harder than we had gone before, it is because of our boot camp family that we have come as far as we have and keep coming back for more.
Thank you to all of the coaches and everyone who has encouraged each of us in our journey to get healthy and fit. We may not always express it in the moment because we probably feel like we are going to die, but you help us push to get that extra step, jump, or set, thank you. We are truly honored to be in the spotlight this week. Our hope and prayer is that we encourage you all like you have done for us. Family is always there for each other. We are all in this madness together, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We love our ABC family!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tana 9:48am
Congrats Alvarado is well deserved.

Sheri K 10:23am
Congrats Alvarados!!  I love seeing you all working as a family to get fit...and I love the determination that each of you show as individuals.   And Mamma A you know I love your warm, welcoming smile.   I don't have any orange work out gear, but if you'll still have me I will be there tonight at 6:30 to WOD in your honor.

Sharon C 4:40pm
Congratulations!! Loved the WOD!! It was a really fun one! So inspiring to see the whole family getting fit together.  Family is SO important !

Tracy Ma 5:10pm
Alvarado's .....WooHoo!!!! So excited y'all got  your turn in the SL. Well deserved. I just luv your fam., you guys are inspiring. And dedicated. And persistent. All qualities that define spot-lighter's. And as I said, you guys have spades. Plus your fun and ''real''. I so enjoy both working with y'all in a WOD as a fellow boot camper and coaching y'all in a WOD. Fun on both sides. Can't wait to do this work out in your honor. 💪💪

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Colleen G 7:11pm
What a sweet family to know. I taught these girls dance classes many years ago and they were such nice students to teach. Mom and dad did a great job of getting them there too. They have grown up to be strong girls in many ways. I watch the family work very hard at ABC classes. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

Joann 8:58pm
Congratulations you guys! You so deserve to be Spotlight Boot Campers! I enjoy seeing you workout together! You all are such an inspiration! I'm so glad to workout with you guys at 6:30! Cannot wait to do your WOD tomorrow! Way to go guys! 😉👍😊💪

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