Britni Valeriano 08/06

WOW!!! Me the Spotlight Bootcamper... I have to say when I first saw it on Facebook, I had to look again and again. I couldn't believe and still can't believe I was picked for the Spotlight Bootcamper. What an Honor! An honor I feel so undeserving of. I always thought the Spotlight boot camper was reserved for someone who had lost a lot of weight, overcome some major adversity or some Wonder woman or Superman, not a work in progress like myself. I am truly honored.
I was first introduced to Amazen Bootcamp in August of 2011 by a High School classmate and great friend, Denise Woods. I remember getting a text and then a phone call from her telling me that she had started going to this Bootcamp in Bulverde and loved it. She told me she could barely walk the next day after working out and squatting to go to the restroom was a feat in itself and I HAD to try it out. Laughing I said I would meet her out there one day, well a couple of weeks passed and she text again, When are you coming, I love it, you have got to try this place out. Well I met her out there on a warm Saturday morning, with anticipation and thoughts of hoping to be able to walk the next day. With butterflies and knots in my stomach as I drove out there because I really didn't know what to expect. I had only been running and doing cardio at this point, so Bootcamp and weights were totally foreign to me. I will never forget I pulled up into Powerhouse, eventually talked myself into getting out and walked onto the green and Denise comes running over to me and takes me to meet the Coach and fill out my paperwork. In my head I was thinking Coach Channel is so nice.. little did i know I had just met the Little General, little did I know this is the woman I would be afraid to quit in front of and never want to let down. I loved the WOD we did the first day and I haven't looked back since, except for a few workout sabbaticals over the last 3 years.
A little history about me, I was born in Houston, Texas. I have an awesome sister, Brooke, and 2 parents that are very supportive of me and love unconditional. I have truly been Blessed with an amazing family. So as far as health and weight, for the most part I have always been overweight, sometimes more so than others. I grew up in San Antonio, played sports all through Middle School and High School, everything from Volleyball, basketball to track and field. Went off to college at Angelo State University and gained the Freshmen 15 and then some, drank way too much, partied hard and exercise wasn't a priority to me. My weight fluctuated through my 5 years at college, then graduated with a degree in Psychology and moved back to San Antonio to start my career, started working at an Alternative school as a Mental Health Aide, met and fell in love with a teacher, the relationship was horrible for me. I was emotionally and verbally abused, self esteem was nothing and gained a bunch of weight, the heaviest I had ever been. Then 5 years later I found the strength to get out of the relationship- God had a plan 6 months later my now husband called me out of the blue and a year later we were married. We had initially met at Angelo State. We have been married 6 years this September and have 2 wonderful kids. I am an ER nurse at SAMMC and he is a trainer for the Texas Prison system, I work nights, he works days but we make it work.
Amazen bootcamp and Channel are very important to me. It truly is a great fellowship and  true family, many times I can remember dragging myself back out after an extended time away from there with my head hung low, no self esteem, no self assurance and being greeted by Channel and the rest of the ABC family with open arms like I had never missed a beat. Several times during a WOD I would be beating myself up, telling myself I can't, all negative thoughts filling my head and Channel would come get in my face and convince me otherwise, make me tell her 10 things I am grateful for, and I then would end the WOD with a sense of pride and my head held high or at least higher. One time in particular where Channel and ABC stand out to me was  just last summer I was at my strongest physically, had been going to ABC regularly and eating right but emotionally I was at my weakest point, I was empty, at this point my husband and I had been trying to conceive for about 4 years with no success, every month would get more discouraging and more painful. I felt like a failure, we had a 4 year old little boy, why weren't we able to get pregnant again. One day during a WOD, i just started crying,  feeling like a failure had consumed every part of me, that was all i thought about all day long. Channel saw me, realized I was not right, tried talking to me but I couldn't talk without crying, I text her as I sat in the parking lot that day after working out, telling her the reason for my sadness. She immediately responded that she was praying for me and she had someone I needed to talk to, she would get me their information shortly. That next day she sent me another boot campers info who was in the same boat, we were able to meet up and talk and share, all because of Channel and the fellowship that we have there. We prayed and cried and prayed some more that God would hear our prayers. We went to a fertility clinic, they performed  tests and procedures and told me everything was normal. I cried out, How can that be I am not getting pregnant? Well God answers prayers, it is so true where 2 or 3 are gathered so shall Christ be in the midst. We got pregnant 2 months later, and now we have a beautiful baby girl named Emma. A true Blessing.  I know that was long winded but its just to say that ABC isn't just a gym to work out in, it truly is a FAMILY, and I look forward to going and seeing all the smiling faces and be greeted with open arms as I continue to work off this post baby fat. Thanks again for picking me as your Spotlight Bootcamper and hope you enjoy the WOD.
As for the Coaches....
Alisha- you are amazing, Haven't been in your class since before the baby but love your motivation and encouragement. With you Coaching me, I feel I can do anything.  As a matter of fact with you I did my first handstand. Thank you
Tracy and Jordan- enjoy going to open gym when y'all are there, y'all are always so inviting and of course y'all also love on Emma for me when I can't because I'm working out.
And last but not least our fearless leader Channel- I admire everything about you, and love everything you have made in me. You believe in me when no one else does including myself. You have built an empire out of this Bootcamp, you have shown with God all things are possible. I now go into the ABC, feeling strong, determined, excited and motivated all because of you and ABC.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sharon C 6:28am
Enjoyed getting to chat with you and your sister during open gym. (Makes me miss my sisters!)  Loved your testimony and determination to come back to bootcamp and work with a newborn. Emma is precious! What an awesome gift from God! Looking forward to your WOD and spotlighting you today!!

Kelli 7:00am
Congrats Britni!! I love your determination! I see you often running in our neighborhood and I always want to honk and scream at you but that would be a little crazy 😜.  Keep up the good work! I love your testimony and am so happy you were blessed and prayers were answered. You deserve every bit of it and I'm excited to honor you today!! 💗 and excited to meet baby Emma too!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monique 12:09pm
Yay Britni !!   I'm so happy to have had the pleasure of working out with you. You totally deserve the spotlight.  Even during times when it wasn't possible to come.. you keep coming and never give up! Congratulations on the new addition to the family!   PUGH

Cecily 6:14pm
Britni, I'm so excited that we get to spotlight you tomorrow! Your story is a beautiful one, and it gives God so much glory for all the wonderful things He does for us! I also love the way you capture the essence of what and who Amazen Bootcamp is made of, big hearts!!

Tracy Ma 10:23pm
Luv U Britini V.... and that baby Emma....don't even start me 😉😍 I'm so glad you got this honor...well deserved. You show up, suited up ... day after day And that's what it's all about. Seriously I luv u big. What a great example you're setting for your little ones. I'm honored to get to be any part of your fitness journey ...and so glad to be witnessing it. You are inspiring. Never underestimate how you can influence others :) can't wait to do your WOD.  Muah!!!

Tracey_D_King 11:02pm
Ditto what Jada said - beautiful testimony!  Thank you so much for sharing God's work in your life, it is very inspiring.  Looking forward to honoring you tomorrow!  :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Keiron 8:06pm
Britni, thank you for sharing your testimony with us.  I needed to hear it today, after struggling with today's WOD.  You have a beautiful family and thank you for letting me hold your angel the other day.  Looking forward to your workout! Blessings to you and your family.

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