Sharon Carnett 7/21

I was shocked Sunday evening as I began to read the bootcamp email.  I usually read them to get inspired and excited about the next day WOD.  Much to my surprise I saw I had been chosen as the spotlight bootcamper.  I just kept saying no, not me!! I am so happy to be a part of this bootcamp family and didn't really want any spotlight!

I grew up in New Orleans, LA and gave my life to the Lord my senior year in college.  Soon after, I met an Aggie, married and quickly moved to TEXAS.  Mike and I just celebrated 34 years of marriage.  He is a wonderful husband and father to our seven children, six boys and one girl. We have four beautiful grandchildren from our oldest son.  So... we think with four from one son, if each of our other kids just averaged three, we might have 21 grandchildren one day.  Wow, must stay in shape!

I have been pretty physically active almost all of my life.  My activities ranged from walking, swimming and exercise machines, as well as keeping up with my kids.  About four years ago one of my sons, who is an athletic trainer, told me I needed to step it up a notch.  He said that the elliptical machine wasn't doing much good for me because my body had memorized the move. So on my 52nd birthday I decided to change it up.  I joined many different classes at the YMCA.  I would drive to New Braunfels or San Antonio which took about 45 minutes each way.  For years I had been seeing these stickers on cars all over the Bulverde area, aMAZEn bootcamp!  One day Sarah Wilkerson invited me to try bootcamp.  I loved it from day one! It is definitely some of the hardest workouts I have ever done and boy talk about changing it up. But more importantly, I LOVE working out with so many great people.  The atmosphere, Christ centered emphasis, and wonderful encouraging trainers who make working out the highlight of my day. I love seeing people from bootcamp all over town.  It gives such a sense of community.

My goal for working out and trying to eat well is to honor the Lord with this temple He gave me and to really LIVE until I die. Sharon

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tana 1:29pm
Congrats Sharon on your Spotlight!!!

Joann 3:29pm
Congratulations on being Spotlight Boot Camper! 👍💪

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tracy Ma 4:16pm betcha!!!  Perfect choice. Love seeing that smiling face in the gym as I know so many others do also. You inspire me and everyone around you. Keep doing what you do. You are truly a beast 💪💪 love that you've gotten your boys involved to.

Jamie C 8:25pm
Congratulations on your Spotlight! I do not know you very well personally Sharon but I see you often at Bootcamp working so hard and always smiling!! You truly are an inspiration for those around you and for a rookie like me--I would love to be at least half as good as you are and I'd feel like a rock star!! Thank you for sharing your testimony and thank you for the motivation you give me when I see you! P.S. So glad to know another person w/seven kids ;)

Janette 8:43pm
Way to go Sharon!! So delighted to see you picked as our Spotlight boot-camper:) Thank you for teaching my children about Jesus on Sundays and inspiring me. I enjoy working out and trying to keep up with you:), Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

Jennifer Wa 9:34pm
Congrats on being spotlight bootcamper. You deserve it!  I enjoy working out with you. You always have a smile on your face and always brighten our workout!  You should be so proud of yourself. You really push yourself and it shows. You are an amazing lady and I am so glad to have you as a part of our bootcamp family!

Kelli 9:50pm
I remember one of your very first times in and you telling me your story about your 7 kids and how you had c-sections and how you had no core strength what-so-ever. Haha! Look at you now! Take THAT C-sections! 😜 you have come SO FAR! You are one of the hardest workers and always wod'n with a smile! It's a pleasure to coach you,  and just see your happy face (almost daily!) You truly deserve this spotlight and I can't wait to WOD in your honor! Xoxo

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cecily 9:30am
Love your testimony, Sharon, it's as sweet and Christ-centered as you are! I can't wait to WOD in your honor on Monday!!

Jennifer A 1:09pm
So glad you were chosen for the Spotlight bootcamper. I do not really know you, but everytime I say hello. You have a beautiful smile and always positive with your workouts. I am most sure that you are beautiful inside and out.  Keep up the great work!!! Would love to do this WOD in your honor!
Jen Antoniolli

Friday, July 11, 2014

Shanna D 11:47am
Sharon, You are an awesome example of what Amazen Bootcamp is. I love wodding with you. You're smile, yes even during the WOD, is contagious. You are very deserving of the spotlight bootcamp camper. Go easy on us! I can't wait to wod in your honor. There sure to be rowing in there somewhere. :)

April G 1:58pm
Way 2 Go Sharon!  It has been a pleasure getting to WOD with you this summer.  You were one of my biggest inspirations during the maROWthon.  I look forward to your WOD!  Congratulations!

Tammy F 7:24pm
Congrats to my bootcamp buddy! You are so deserving of this spotlight! Your energy level is infectious and I look forward to seeing your smiling face every morning when I come to Bootcamp. I really enjoy after the WOD is over and we hang back to stretch and/or row and we just talk about everything from soup to nuts!
Thanks for being my Spa Girl Buddy this year! That was so much fun. Hope to see some rowing in your WOD!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stephanie S 10:30pm
Congratulations Sharon! I'm so glad you found Amazen Bootcamp and glad that I started coming and get to see you and chat with you so often  :) I admire your dedication to your health and fitness; you are an inspiration!

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