Amanda Digman 07/04

I CANNOT believe that y’all have picked ME!!  The whole experience at ABC has been so beyond anything I ever expected.  I NEVER imagined I would be where I am today!
My background is pretty boring nothing like some of the others… I had a very happy normal childhood in San Antonio, was always VERY active- gymnastics most of my childhood then cheerleading in high school.  I was  (yes was) a wild child in high school then went on to college at Southwest TX State.  I worked full-time, went to school full time and partied FULL TIME. So really the only exercise I was doing was walking from one bar to the next and 12oz curls.  I worked at the outlet mall where I met my adorable husband Shauwn … although it took 2 years of friendship for him to realize he loved me as much as I loved him!!  We started dating and soon moved in together.  I graduated and started a full time job while Shauwn was finishing up college….. then along comes BABY!!! So here I am married, full time job & a baby, again no time to exercise.  It wasn’t a really big deal though, I was 23… the weight came off easy! Lots of changes and so quickly and I got a nice little dose of post-partum, got on some meds, felt like me again! Fast forward 5 ½ years and we finally decide we want another baby so here comes daughter #2 Parker Jean! After I had PJ I was determined to NOT feel like I did with Marly and to be so happy with my sweet blessings.  Shauwn was always a runner so I started running with him…. Wasn’t a huge fan but it was doing the job of keeping me happy and in shape.  I also joined a little yoga studio and LOVE yoga and still do it once a week!  About 2 ½ years after PJ was born Shauwn & I went to Vegas and not EVERYTHING stays in Vegas…. I came home with my baby boy Case! So by this time I was well into my 30s and juggling 3 kiddos and not making the time for myself.  I was still doing Yoga, did it all through my pregnancy, but that’s just not enough! I’ll never forget when my oldest daughter told me that I still look pregnant- this was when my son was almost a year old… I was so upset!  I had changed my eating habits, quit smoking, doing yoga and going on walks, but it wasn’t enough. I was telling my brother how hard a time I was having with losing weight, he’s a firefighter and I’ve seen him drop some MAJOR weight.  He kept telling me that I’m not working hard enough and that I would LOVE the Crossfit style workouts he was doing.  In the back of my mind the whole time I had that Bootcamp place I heard about from Carol Perry & Melanie Little…. So after a few beers I told my brother I was gonna start & would he PLEASE come with me… he agreed.  We went a couple days later on a Friday in June last year at 9am.  Lyle was my coach …. Cecily walked by and said “this is your first time?”  I said “yes” she gave me a very “your gonna die” look and said “yikes”…. I was so scared!  And for good reason… apparently the WOD was supposed to be a partner WOD, but we were doing it all on our own.  I though I was going to DIE!! I couldn’t walk for a week! But I went back, I wanted to see what I could do… I remember watching these women and thinking I just want to be able to do what they’re doing!  I can now say that I can keep up with most of those gals that I was so envious of those first months. I have come so far, feel so strong, have gotten rid of most of the baby weight and am so happy and lucky to be a part of such a special group!! Thank you so much to Cecily, Angie, Warren, Kelli, Tracy, Jordan, Alisha, Gina, Tommy and of course Channel!  You have all taught me so much and have 100% changed my life for the better…. Now let’s go have a beer!!! xoxo

Friday, October 22, 2021

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Amanda Di 10:13am
Thank u all for ur sweet words!! I LOVE y'all  SO much & am so lucky to have y'all as friends. Thxs for WODing w me xoxo

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shauwn 1:31pm
Amanda has always been my reason for waking up.  

No seriously, if I don’t get up and to go to the gym, she yells at me.  

Amanda is the driving force of our family.  She motivated me to finish college, after I was there long enough to be a doctor.  She inspires my girls to be strong women, and she forces our son to be a man.
She truly makes me a better person.  
We are so proud of her commitment to ABC.  It’s amazing to see what she can accomplish, once she sets her mind to it.  

Way to go Tedrow.  We love you.

Katie A 7:07pm
DIGMAN!!!!! I'm sooooo excited that you are our SBC!!!! You are a force girl!!! I love it when we get to WOD together because you push yourself so hard and it makes me do the same!! You are the perfect example of a person who did not know your own strength, like the way you mastered the kip pull up all in one day!!! You rock!!! It's always such a blessing to make new friends who have so many of the same interests that you do and have the same sense of humor!!! Love ya girl and can't wait to WOD in your honor!!!!

Jennifer Wa 7:53pm
So excited for you!  Congrats on being Spotlight bootcamper.  To hear your story that you have only been here since last June?!  Wow!  You are rocking it!  Love to wod with you!  You are strong and congrats on that pull-up. You look like you have been working out for a long time!  Keep up the good work.

Kelli 8:25pm
I LOVE YOU DIGMAN!!! 😍 haha! Love seeing your smiley face walk in! Love coaching you but LOVE LOVE woding with you! We are like one on the wod floor 😜 sooo now that I professed my love to you, CONGRATS ON THE SPOTLIGHT!! SO well deserved! Excited to wod with you in the am and blessed to have met you here at ABC and call you my friend! Xo!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Colleen G 6:41pm
Congrats  Amanda. I've watched you get so strong in the last year! You're working extremely hard. Lots of determination and drive has brought you to this point in your life. I love teaching Parker! Your family is a joy!

Cecily 9:28pm CRACK me up! I'm so ashamed...I rarely, if ever, share my feelings about a just shows how special you are! I'm so glad you didn't let my lack of enthusiasm that day scare you away! I LOVE it when you walk through the door. You have such energy and're just FUN. You look awesome and I'm so proud of how far you've come! I am so sad to miss this WOD on Friday, but you better believe I will do it soon even if I have to do it on my own. Big hugs!! may have to request Lenny Kravitz' 'American Woman' for the playlist :-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Joann 8:19pm
Congratulations on being Spotlight Boot Camper. I apologize if I don't know you by name, but I may know you by face! Your testimony is awesome! Keep up the awesome work & I, myself, cannot wait to do your WOD on Friday & have a beer with you & in honor of you! Cheers! 🍻👍💪🎉🎊

Monday, June 30, 2014

Carla R 7:03am
gosh girl!  love ur testimony. I can so relate to how you walked in and wanted to just do what you saw others do and look at you now!  I've really noticed how quickly you have gotten stronger and faster!!!!  You look wonderful!  Love your cheerful attitude, your stylish stars tank (hee hee, might need to order one for ur wod) and most of all just love your smiling face!  WAy to push so hard in every wod. Glad u found ABC!  Glad I get to wod with u!  Now, after reading ur testimony, can't wait to have a beer with ya!  

Big hugs, Carla

Nancy M 9:31pm
I remember the first time I saw you at boot camp and I was so happy to see you and meet your husband and brother. You worked so hard. The other day I saw you after not seeing you for some time. My goodness you have really come a long way. You rock Amanda. You're a strong beautiful woman. Nancy

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