Tracey King 06/09

I first came to ABC one summer long ago - well, maybe 3 years ago - and I made it through a Paleo challenge that October before I let it go.  I've been to a couple WODs in the years between, but I'll honestly say that I just didn't feel I belonged here.  This whole Boot Camp family is very inspiring and I've long admired everyone who takes the time to do all this hard work, not just for themselves, but also to encourage each other person here...  yet I always felt below the bar, just not good enough...  a personal issue I'm sure, but I used it to keep me from being here.  

This year I turned 40, and maybe that just causes lots of things to change, or maybe it's just coincidence, but in late February, I started making plans to get back to Boot Camp.  At first I thought I'd do one day a week like I had done in the past, and I'd start when the new location opened, or I'd start back on my birthday, mid-March, but those days came and went.  I finally made it to the 6am class on March 26th, because I thought I'd see Channel, and the Outlaws whom I knew, but ended up not knowing anyone who was here that morning.  I was seriously thinking it wouldn't be all that bad to be the first boot camper I'd heard of to just up and leave halfway through a WOD, (it was still dark enough), but that still, small voice asked me what I was doing here in the first place...  reminding me that this place isn't all about comfort, personal recognition or competition - for me, it's about taking care of the body God gave me and being apart of His hands and feet in this place.  I walked over to a stranger at the end of the WOD to tell her I thought she was amazing.  She smiled and encouraged me, making me feel like God was saying, 'See, it's not so bad, eh?'  Once I had settled on that in my heart, I didn't want to settle for anything half-way - so much for once-a-week or just-enough, or I don't think I can do it!  

I started to look forward to getting out of bed early in the morning to get to class, working hard to teach my body to do something I would think impossible, and getting to know all the other awesome people who were there doing the same.  Here's a BIG thank-you to the 6am gang for making me feel welcome and for showing up each week - you guys rock!  I'm still quite intimidated by all these awesome coaches and fellow boot-campers, but I'm so grateful for each nudge pushing me to try something more - I find I'm actually craving the challenge now, and can't wait to get back on unlimited so I can make it to more WODs...  is that crazy??  Maybe, but I won't let it stop me.  I hope instead it just gives me more opportunities to get to know everyone else, to encourage someone else, and find new ways to be God's hands and feet in the midst of doing some really hard work! ;)

Enough about me!  I'd like to honor some very important people in my life with this WOD:  
My husband, Eric, who has taught me to persevere and not quit, even when I'm frustrated at him for not just giving me the answer or the easy way out...  who makes me laugh when I feel like giving up, who makes me feel cherished when I feel worthless.  I don't deserve him, but I'm so grateful to God for him.
My sons, Ethan and Jacob, who will, all too soon, be young men instead of crazy, fun-loving, never-stopping little boys.  I'm grateful for their complaints about me trying to get them to WOD with me or help count reps at home, because they remind me not to complain!  I'm so blessed to get to be their momma.
And my parents, for constantly demonstrating how to put others first, even strangers.

As many others in the spotlight have said, I can't believe it's me - but at the same time, I don't think it's really about me, it's about how we can be inspired and motivated by each other.  I'd rather hide from the spotlight - be in the background mopping the floor or doing the dishes, things I know I can do and do well.  So my prayer is that someone is encouraged, nudged, or motivated: either to do another round, 'it's just 5 more burpees!' or to say 'Hi!  Glad you're here' to that person you don't think you've met before.  (And if I say that to you and we've already met - please bear with me, my memory exercising is still a vast work in progress!).  Thank you to everyone who makes ABC possible! Tracey

Friday, October 22, 2021

Monday, June 9, 2014

Lindsey M 6:56pm
Great WOD Tracey!  Your testimony was beautiful!  Great to have officially ''met' you last week.  And already finished the row a thon...AMAZEN!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sherry 7:44pm
Tracey, I am so glad that you  have become a regular again at ABC! You have come a long way in a short time. Your passion for family and friends is only surpassed by your love for the Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for you and your influence on others. It is clear that you seek to remain close to the source of your strength.  Something big has happened at 6:00 am at ABC and that is you and the ONE you bring with you everyday. Have a safe and blessed vacation. I can hardly wait to hear about your adventures.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cecily 11:03am
Love you, Tracey! It has been an incredible honor to watch your progression these past months! Your consistency and determination to show up, do more, and stay after have DEFINITELY paid off!  So proud of you for pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, not just physically, but spiritually. You heeded that 'still small voice' of the Spirit and let Him guide you into a beautiful transformation. Keep listening, keep obeying, keep pushing...blessings will continue to follow. 😘

Tracy Ma 10:01pm
Tracey ....congrats. Your testimony is awesome. Im sure it will inspire many people, as it is easy relate to.  Can't wait to do your King Kong WOD (what a fantastic name)  💪 it suits you.  Keep on doin what you do!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stephanie S 11:59pm
And isn't just exactly like you to take your own spotlight time to praise and and be thankful and uplifting to so many others! This is one of the many things about you that make you such an amazing friend and such a blessing to so many others. I'm so glad you came back and that you helped me to get back here as well. Such a blessing, my friend. I'm so proud of you!

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