Tana Leonard 05/30

It is quite a surprise to see that I am the Spotlight Bootcamper…I don’t like being in the spotlight at all.  I do love working out and I have always in some way worked out.  I did however, take a couple of years off from working out to raise my two girls and really disliked the way I looked for a long time.  My husband sends me to workout now because I come home in a much better mood!  I show him my muscles now…ha!

So here I am and I have to thank Michelle Lyell for coming to one of our NYE parties and telling me I should try Bootcamp.  I did have a slight fall back, but I brought myself right back…I am addicted.  I have to thank all of the coaches for doing what they do, ya’ll are amazing. Thank you, Channel for taking a chance and bringing Amazen Bootcamp to our little/big town.  I love the coaches and their determination to motivate all of us there.  What has also been a blessing to me is the people I have met and will continue to meet and the friends we become.  We are all so busy with life that we may go a month without seeing close friends, maybe even longer, but here I get to see the same people several times a month.  I have friends from my neighborhood that sometimes I don’t see all summer b/c we are so busy. I have enjoyed being able to workout in a group setting where everyone works together, high fives, says great job, you got this, etc…You don’t get that at Gold’s gym’s group classes…or I’ve just never seen it.

To my family, Jarrod, Savannah and Shelby, I thank you for allowing me to make time to go and workout in our busy, crazy schedules. I thank you for being the best husband and kids a wife and mom could ever have, I love you all so very much.  I do have the most amazing and caring husband/friend/person ever!  Now if I could just get Jarrod to come with me and work out more than just once every 6 months!

Now let’s get this legs/butt/abs and little bit of arms workout on…

Thank you,

Tana Leonard

Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday, May 30, 2014

Kelli 7:43am
THOSE LEGS!!! Wow! You are such a hard worker Tana and it shows big time! Always love seeing your smiling face walk in :) keep up the great work and CONGRATS on the spotlight!  Well deserved!! Xo

Samantha U 5:38pm
Awesome WOD today!  Man Tana what I would do for some nice muscular legs like yours!!!  You're a super athlete, a great friend and I love working out and hanging out with you!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cecily 4:35pm
I'm so excited that we get to honor you as SBC, Tana! You embody such a quiet strength. You are dedicated, and you work hard every WOD. I've never heard a negative thing out of your mouth...you consistently show up and get things done and the results SHOW! Love the picture!! Love you!

Jason Ro 5:51pm
You rock!!! Love to wod with ya girl!!

Tracy Ma 10:30pm
Congrats Tana ~ so appropriate for you to get SBC. Yay👏👏. You are inspiring in the wod's ....always giving it your all. Regular class or open gym... You're all in...luv it!! Keep doing what you do...it's amazing.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sheri K 3:23pm
Congratulations Tana.  You are certainly deserving of this honor.  EVERYONE wants your legs!  ha!!!   You are so quiet, but your work ethic sets the bar high.  Keep on doing what you're doing and we'll keep working to catch up.  Sorry I'm going to miss your WOD because I know it will be great.  Will catch it when it comes around again.  Love ya big...    Momma K - 'Kitchen'

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