Karen Stacy 03/27

When I found out that I was to be a Spotlight Bootcamper, I was shocked.  I thought no, this can’t be right.  I know what an honor it is and thought I haven’t done anything special to deserve this.  I feel very blessed, thankful and honored to know that someone thinks I do deserve it.

My bootcamp journey began when I saw a picture of my sweet friend Sandi Schneider crossing the finish line at the Rock and Roll Marathon.  I hadn’t seen her in a while and she looked absolutely amazing!!  I wanted whatever she was doing to look that great.  It took me a little while before I made it in the door, but finally showed up at Spect ES where Channel was coaching.  I knew I was in trouble when after the wod I could barely walk to my car.  I was fortunate enough that I had quit my job, for a short time, to be a stay at home mom to my teenage daughter.  That enabled me to make the morning classes.  In the first month I lost 6 inches.  I stayed active for a while, but then “something” came up and I stopped going for awhile, then I’d go back and stop and go back.  If you wod’ed with me in the beginning you probably remember that I was pretty verbal about how I didn’t like some exercise we were doing or how it hurt or how I couldn’t finish.  Back then I didn’t realize how my negative words affected others.  I just thought I was bitching… no biggie, right.  To those that heard me, I apologize for my words.  Well, I found out last summer when I was training for the Spa Girl Tri in Lost Maples that my “complaining” did affect others.  It affected my friends I was training with, but didn’t find out until one had complained to my husband.  WOW.  That was a serious wake up call.  When I came back to bootcamp this past fall, I made a promise to myself and other bootcampers that I was not allowed to complain, whine, or bitch.  I’ve slipped a few times, but for the most part, instead of crying I will push myself thru.  Hmm, funny how you start to get better, stronger and happier at bootcamp.  That’s where I am today, trying to get better, stronger and happier.  Unfortunately, in my “times off” from bootcamp I put on weight plus some.  This time it’s harder to lose the weight, but I’m not giving up.  I know it’s a journey.

Now for the sappy part.  This is something that I’ve never publically shared.  God is perfect; and his timing is great, and I am truly blessed.  He put me in front of Channel multiple times that she was sharing her testimony.  It took me having to hear it multiple times like being hit with a baseball bat, but finally it got me started looking at my life and my drinking.  I knew at times I drank too much, but there were also days that I didn’t drink at all.  I talked to her about it and she put me with a friend who took me to an AA meeting.  Well, after that meeting I knew for sure that I wasn’t an alcoholic.  I just drank too much, sometimes.  I would ask my husband if he thought I was an alcoholic and he’s say, “you just have a drinking problem”  (HaHa)  Well, as the disease does, it progressed.  I was at the point that I’ve got my family angry with me and my friends telling me stories that I didn’t remember.  Soon, so my husband wouldn’t complain about my drinking, it was just wine anyways, I would pick up those little four packs and drink a few on my way home from work.  That’s when I knew I had to seek help.  On February 19, 2013,13 months ago, I took my last drink.  It’s been a hard, but amazing journey, one that I owe to Channel.  She truly saved my life!!

This aMAZEn Bootcamp is so much more that just a place to workout.  It’s a place that will forever change your life.  Thank you Channel, the awesome coaches and the bootcamp family.  I love you more than you know!!

Have a blessed day!

Karen Stacy

Friday, October 22, 2021

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kelli 6:56am
Karen!! I just love when you are around! Coaching you or woding with you is always such a pleasure! You push yourself so hard even when I know you don't want to ;) and I never hear you complain! So it's hard to believe that was a problem for you before...congrats to you for getting back here with us and putting your ALL into it! I always lol forward to seeing your smiling face and am excited to see what Gettin' Froggy has in store for us!! RIBBIT!! 😋 xoxo

Karen S 12:15pm
Thank you so much for all of the beautiful kind words!!!  Hopping you enjoy the wod!

Sandie 2:27pm
Karen, since the day I met you you have been that little ray of sunshine, ok, more like a little shock of a spark plug! You have a way of bringing the best out of everyone and making everyone smile. I am so blessed that our paths crossed and that we could be part of this awesome bootcamp family together! You continue to inspire me as a fighter, a cheerleader, an optimist, and a friend! I'm so happy to be able to read your testimony and once again, be 'sparked' into being a better person. You ROCK, Karen Stacy!!! Love you tons, my friend!

Duyen 5:17pm
Congrats Karen! I love working out with you and seeing you give it your all in every WOD! Ive never heard you complain but maybe it's because of all the whining that's going on inside my head lol! I love seeing your smile and that joyful spirit at bootcamp. Enjoy the journey you are on! You are blessed and I am grateful to have you in my life!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monique 10:07am
Love you,  Karen ! You totally deserve the spotlight! !  I love your enthusiasm and how you take accountability.   Congratulations on everything!   I'm always happy to see you there at 6:30.  It's a given:)

Tracy Ma 6:47pm
👏👏👏 yay Karen Stacy ~ thanks for sharing your story. Congrats on your journey...never doubt that it will inspire others.  Glad you got the spotlight. Always love seeing ya in class. And  I enjoyed working next to you during the strength class... Look forward to to many more together.  Keep on the path ...you are doing great and it shows.

Kristi Ge 7:46pm
Karen congrats to you!!!! I have been working out next to you for awhile now!!! Like 2 years! You work SO hard!!!!!! I don't remember you whining! Lol. But I could have been doing it as well!!! You look so strong and very determined when I have seen you lately!!! Keep up the great work!!! And love your smiles at workout!!!!

Jennifer Wa 8:49pm
Karen - I just want to say how I always love to see your smiling face at bootcamp.  I never remember hearing you complain, but maybe its because I do.  It makes me think too.  Maybe I need to be more positive.  I just want to congratulate on your dedication to yourself and health.  That is what is most important  If you only knew how the card you sent to my family touched me.  When I opened it to see your name, I cried.  You deserve this honor of Spotlight Bootcamper.  Keep up all the hard work you are doing both at bc and home!!  YOU GOT THIS!!

Cecily 10:21pm
Karen! Sweet girl! You are a delight! So honest, so real! What we do is hard...and there is definitely a temptation to complain, but the Word tells us to do EVERYTHING without complaining and we all need to be checked on that at times! Thank you for sharing your story and being so open. I know it will bless this Bootcamp  community and all your hardwork and dedication will not return void unto you! Blessings my friend!

Tammy F 10:41pm
Congrats Karen! I miss seeing your smiling face and chatting with you at bootcamp! Your deserve this day in the spotlight! Be proud my friend!!!

Warren 11:36pm
Congrats Stacey!!! I'm out if town on business, and really sad they I'll be missing your Spotlight :(. I love coaching you, your always pushing yourself and that's what's it's all about. Loved your story, and you have come along way. Keep the hard work and we're all here if you need us. Big HUGS!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sheri K 10:49am
Karen - I guess I didn't get to work out with you during your first go round at BC.  I don't remember the Karen that was a 'complaimer'.  The Karen I know...from the 6:30 pm Fun Bunch - is not a complainer.  I'm glad you got your attitude adjustment because we don't allow negativity at the 6:30 class.  Only positive reinforcement!  And you do just that.  You are always there, working really hard, and encouraging others.  That's what our aMAZEing BC is all  about.  Getting our bodies and mind in the right place, and encouraging others along the way.

I am honored to have you as a friend and feel you are very deserving of the Spotlight honor.  

Isn't our BC Family awesome?  Congratulations Karen!!!

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