SICKler WOD 03/18/14

All I can say is that I'm one LUCKY girl!!  I am finding it really hard to put into words how grateful I am to be a part of this awesome group that Channel has created, to have moved here to Texas a year ago, start working out here at ABC, STAY working out here, and then be so blessed to join the team of coaches......and now to be picked as the SBC?!?! WOWWWW!!  It just feels like I won the lottery!! HAHA!

Let me give a brief history of how I got to this AWESOME part of my life :)

Growing up was pretty normal, just Me, Mom and Dad (yes, I'm an only child...does it all make sense now?!? haha). My parents set a good example by staying active and always had me in things like tumbling, gymnastics, etc. One of the most memorable things I was involved in when I was a kid was Skip-Its. It is a Jump Roping team and we travelled around and did demonstrations at all the local schools and even travelled to other states and countries.  I was very young, so I never left the country with the team, but I was the youngest to ever travel outside of Colorado with them.  We went to New York!  And then there was the Guinness Book of World Records.  While we were at a camp back in 1989 (yes THAT long ago) there was 100 of us that jumped 13 consecutive times in a 180ft rope.  Or something like that, can't remember if that was the exact length of the rope?  It was lonnnggg ago! Unfortunately we moved around quite a bit, so we left Boulder where skip its was and I could no longer continue with them.  I then got involved in Figure skating for a few years, track, softball and basketball.  Loved team sports so I wanted to do it all!  But as I got more into my teens, I got a *little* off track.  Well, a lot. Drugs were the main problem, which caused me to not care about school, which caused bad grades, which caused not being able to play sports.  Yeah, not too smart there for a few years.  I did however get over it quickly, by age 16, realizing that I didn't want to continue to disappoint my parents.  I got back on track, graduated high school, went to beauty school and got my nail tech license and a job at a day spa in Denver.  I was a big girl all of a sudden!!  Got my own apartment and supported myself really well for a 17/18 year old.  I did all that for a few years but dated some losers during that time so when my Mom took a job in New York (up-state), I decided to follow a year or so later and start fresh.  I wanted to go to College and it was much easier to do that with their support.  So packed up my stuff and drove from CO to NY.  I started school and decided to go into Interior Design.  I realized right around this time that I couldn't eat Taco Bell and drink Mountain Dew all day because I started packing on the pounds!  Back in CO I worked out with a personal trainer at a gym, but since then I was not making exercise a priority.  Not really sure why it became so unimportant to me, but I never did make time for it until I found aMAZEn Boot Camp so many years later!  Fast forward a bit through college, another bad boyfriend decision or two.... I ended up in Arizona, far away from the horrible COLD of New York.  Went to school at ASU to continue my Interior Design Degree, got a job at Chilis and that is where I met my husband Nick!  Two years later we were getting married, had our first baby girl Olivia a month after that (yes, just over a month later! oops!) and then our second baby Isabella arrived 23 months after that.  It was a CRAZY time!  Becoming a Wife and Mom all at the same time was pretty overwhelming and I've been know to stress eat, so I gained a mere 60 POUNDS with my first pregnancy, and 50 with the second.  I really didn't feel that I could fit in exercising with all the New Mom business I was taking care I turned to a doctor and got diet pills prescribed.  Thought it was a great idea at the time.  And they worked at getting me thin quickly, but it's SO NOT GOOD for you!  I was CRAZY moody and my heart always felt like it was going to come right out of my chest.  I took them on and off for a few years and then tragedy struck in our family.  My closest cousin passed away suddenly from a heart attack.  Just like that.  Never had any health issues, she was thin and only 35 years old.  She has two little ones, they were 1 and 4 at the time and it was, and still is SO devastating to think that they will never really know her. She was a beautiful person and I miss her so much. .  So with that blow, plus the idea that Nick was about to be promoted (which meant we were moving), plus it was Holiday time, I WAS STRESSED!  And the eating began.  I swore off those Diet pills, I'll never touch them again, so I knew that once we moved I had to start getting serious about my health and being a good role model for my girls.  And now we are FINALLY to current times :) We found out it was San Antonio that would be our new home and had only a few days to find a house and heres where the 'LUCKY' comes in...well, I'm actually learning that it's a little more than luck.  I am definitely here for a reason, exactly where HE wants me :).  We chose our home in Indian Springs and I quickly started meeting some awesome people!  Amy Craft is one of them and as soon as I friended her on Facebook, I saw her posts about ABC.  She was one of the best 'recruiters' for ABC (MISS YOU AMY CRAFT!).  I was IN!  It was exactly what I needed and she said she would go with me and I really needed that too.  I remember the first time, Channel was coaching and I think there was a gazillion Nasties....WITH A BALL....and I almost died.  But I kept coming back!  As soon as I could walk again of course. HA!  I have been strong at it now for a year and I LOVE IT!!  HUGE bonus is that I now get to coach as well!  I'm learning so much about myself, my faith, all the amazing people that surround this place, I just GLOW from the inside thinking about it!!  THANK YOU Channel for believing in me!!  You have no idea how much you have bettered my life.  THANK YOU ABC peeps for accepting me and encouraging me!  You all mean so much to me and I'm so very grateful!!  PEACE, LOVE AND BOOT CAMP!! XOXO Sickler

Friday, October 22, 2021

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tracy Ma 5:15pm
SICKler, Congrats!!!! You little ray of sunshine you ;)  though I've known ya only a small span of time (of my life) ... It feels like I've known ya forever. Love your craziness....your sweetness...your realness. You are super easy to talk to....and I think people have a level of comfort around you instantly. Says a lot about you!!!  No matter if you are partaking in a WOD, or coaching a's awesome to be in it with you.  You are an inspiring and strong lady. Your fitness level is really progressing... It's great to see you getting stronger every day...seeing the transformation that's happening w you. And your fashion style leaves me speechless words for that (lol) ...jk. Good stuff.  Keep up the good work you're doing...and keep the laughs coming...we all need that ;)

Jennifer Wa 7:51pm
Kelli you are such a ray of sunshine when I wod with you!  You are always making us laugh. I am amazed how much you have progressed over these last months!  Your getting down the push ups on your toes!!  I am so glad to have you as a part of our bc family and as one of our coaches. Thanks for always brining your smile too!  Love you lots!

Karen S 8:58pm
Congratulations!  I love your beautiful spirit and fun crazy silly side. You always make me smile and know just how to get my head out of a wod and get me thru it.  You're a great coach and awesome person. Love you bunches!!

Warren 9:52pm
Congrats KELLY KELLY KELLY, K-E-L-L-Y, Why? Because your KELLY!!!! You come along ways in your workouts and Coaching. I love seeing you push through whatever WOD we have that day and getting stronger. I hope one day I can do DU'ers like you, I'm on awe watching you fly right through those. You bring some much positive energy every time your around. Always smiling, making people laugh, joking around and always encouraging others. Maybe Channel will let you teach a dance party class!! Hahahaha!! Your a friend and a great person, glad to have you on our Bootcamp family. Peace out!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Carla R 10:50am
My dear Sickler!  Where do I begin???  WEll, first lets say how much I love when I am wodding with you or when you are coaching!  You are so full of energy all the time and it is contagious!  I love the push you give me and I love when we wod together because the hilarious commentary keeps it fun and real!  You are a bright shining light and everyone feels happier when they are around you!  

I've also noticed this new slimmer version walking around in those knee high socks lately.  Love it!  Looking good girlfriend!  Keep it up!

Love you!  xoxox, Carla

Cecily 6:38pm are a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air. You always have a smile on your face,  except when your WOD`ing, it's serious business then!! :)  I love being around you and laughing with you. Your drive and determination are inspiring. Congrats on SBC, it will  be an honor to WOD with you tomorrow!! Much Love....

Tana 10:05pm
Congrats Spotlighther...l hope I get to be there tomorrow...with your always positive attitude and smile
Go get em

Duyen 10:24pm
You are one sick Sickler! Congrats on SBC!!! I love it when you're coaching and I double love working out with you! You are so vibrant and fun and always full of this bright and positive sunshiny light! Can't wait to WOD in your honor. Much love to ya from tha Ho! Haha! <3

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Katie A 11:53am
SICKLER!!!!! So psyched you are SBC!!!! I knew from the start I was gonna like you!! It's not everyday I meet someone who can match my crazy!! I remember running into in the grocery store several times last year and giving you paleo advice and encouragement and now look at you, you crazy girl!!!! Your a coach and an amazing encourager and quite the rockstar during a WOD!!! When I found out you were going to be one of our new coaches it was no shock. With your energy and positive spirit you were meant to coach!! You should be so proud of yourself and your drive!!! Thank you so so much for being my stupid stupid friend (obvious inside joke) with your stupid stupid face!!!!! Love you Sickypoo!!!!!!! Woooooooohooooooooo!!!!! Can't wait to WOD in your honor and I really hope you fit in some jump rope leap frog!!!!!

Kristi Ge 6:43pm
Sickler .... What can I say!!!! WOW!!!! You SO deserve to be SLB     I'm so very thankful Amy asked you to be the final person for out b2b team last year. You didn't even know us and you said yes. And have since become like another sister to me!!! You have jumped into all this working out and have not looked back. I've watched you become such a strong and lean new Kelli. And what an amazing coach you are. Again you were nervous about it, but went into it and never looked back and have done so awesome.  Thanks for always texting me and picking me up for workout and all the morning runs. Your an inspiration and such a go getter girl and you keep me laughing !!!!!   I look forward to your wod and many more workouts next to you crazy Sickler!!!! Love you!!!!!!

Sheri K 8:26pm
Well Ms Sickle - a big WhooHoo to you!  You are so deserving of this honor and I am thrilled that you are a part of my life and our ABC family.  Have to admit, change is never easy...and it's been an adjustment dealing with the huge growth in our BC family.  New peeps, new coaches, and now new gym.  I know the first time I saw a schedule with your name listed a coach I was like, oh no...more change.  But I had to practice what I preach.  Change is never easy, but it is usually for the best, and if you go into it with an open mind,  and trash the negative attitude, things will normally roll a lot smoother.  And so I did...and yes, I love you.  And all the new peeps, coaches and gym.  Just another lesson in life.  Everything does happen for a reason, and it will be unveiled in HIS time not ours.  
I LOVE you big bright smile,  positive attitude, and the encouragement you give me and all our BC peeps.  You are beautiful inside and out.  Now, my goal for 2014 is double unders.  So you have your work cut out for you in  helping me reach that goal.    Congratulations on your spotlight.  I cannot wait to do your WOD.    Love you, Momma K.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kavita 10:41am
Kelli, jack, Sickler, suckler, the woman with many names- but with the same big heart :)  so proud of you for doing what you do!  You arrived in San Antonio not that long ago- but jumped right in with both feet and it feels like you have just been around here forever :) I'm so glad little Olivia ended up in Alisha's class last year and that I was able to get to know you - and even after getting to know you-- I STILL Like you!!! 😜 ha ha!  You always know how to make me laugh and have a great time no matter how bad my day has been-- love u lots Suckler!!!! Sooo proud of you and can't wait to WOD with you!!!! ❤️ Kaviteeeeeee 😬

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jodie 10:19am
Love your Smile and enthusiasm!

Amanda Di 10:39am
I have really enjoyed getting to know you better Kelli!! I see a great friendship in our future & love that our girls are becoming friends as well! I remeber your first time coaching & you made all of us say something... I was as nervous as you were!!!! You are quickly becoming one of my favorite coaches at ABC! Thank you for sharing your story!! Love you girl & congrats. Muah.

Nancy M 3:56pm
I remember the first time I actually met you we partnered. You said I'm Kelli they call me sickler. Oh your sickler. Girl you are awesome. You're so deserving of this honor. I'm proud to know you.

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