Shari Peterson 12/18/13

While my son was getting his haircut, I decided to catch up on some emails and I saw an email from Channel thinking it was an update from Chemo I opened it up and I had to read it again and was blown away when she said I was the next “spotlight” bootcamper. I felt overwhelmed and had a smile on my face and then I thought, oh no…this cannot be for me and felt somewhat embarrassed. Embarrassed to think I have to have a picture and write a testimony and wanted to say thanks but no thanks. When I took a moment to really think about the meaning behind “spotlight” I was then ok with it. I call this my bootcamp family and have never felt so accepted for who I am and how I look. It’s about the unity, not physical appearance.  
I was born in Massachusetts, raised in California, moved to Kansas in April 2003, and then moved to Texas in April 2012.
My memory child hood life was chaos. Living in a dysfunction of a family. Did not have much as a child and many day and night of yelling and throwing things and slamming doors. I had an older sister who I never go along with and then my brother 9yrs younger.  My mom was a workaholic and lived in churches and bible studies while my dad lived in coffee shops. My activeness was outdoors with friends on our block. Sports was not an option it was either playing an instrument or nothing and that was of my mom. I always wanted to play a sport and the only closeness I had was watching my friends and my cousin through my years of school.
Since I did not get the love and support that I needed, I looked elsewhere…I shocked the world a year after high school I had my first child Christopher. I had to grow up quick. I lived with my mom as my parents were separated and again, we had no life of activity but living in churches and bible studies. I left the homestead 2 years later to be independent on my own and to raise my son.
Four years later, I had my next child Justin. I still struggled with finding acceptance and love but again, it was the wrong way of doing so. I myself became a workaholic and yelled at my boys and always found fault in what they did wrong but nothing of right. I was my mother!
I have many questions today I still have today and will not know the answers until the day I go to Heaven to see my parents again. I lost my father to emphysema in 2008 and my mom in 2009 to depression.  
I hit a pothole in the road. I really felt like I did not have any friends or family anymore and I was ashamed for having 2 kids under wedlock. I felt like I was never going to find a man who will accept me with 2 children. I started associating with some bad friends and found myself to a point of no return. During that time, I had went with my friend over to her boyfriend’s house. I was introduced by one of his friends and after several times talking with him I was asked if I would go out with him. I said “no way”! He’s 7 ¾ years younger than me and why would he want to go out with me…I have 2 kids. After begging me to give it a try, I proceeded with a date.
God amazed me and I did not even know it. Donnie was such a mature man at his age. We talked and laughed and he accepted my kids and married 9 months later and we just had our 18th wedding anniversary on November 4th. How he put up with me this long blows my mind. I struggled for years carrying my mom’s traits of yelling and finding wrong and over the past several years, I have finally overcome the situation and am aware now and can get a hold of it.
Since then I had two more boys, Tyler who is 17 and Brett who is 12. After each boy I struggled with weight and went to a weight doctor for prescription pills. I had no idea that was the wrong way to lose weight. I had joined the gym in town after struggling back and forth with my weight and was able to manage my weight up until we moved to Texas in April 2012. Our move here did not turn out as planned. I still remember my husband’s grandmother who is 92 asked us if we prayed about this move and of course we lied and told her yes. To not go into depth detail, joining business with friends was not of God but of the Devil. During this time here I had put on the weight, depressed of not finding a job and depressed of our living situation in our 5th wheel in a RV park.
In August 2012 going to football practice I was amazed at the moms in how fit they were. I asked around and were told Cross-Fit and Bootcamp. Both words scared me and said no way, I cannot do that. Mel Daves an awesome person had told me there are different levels and they are very nice and to just give it a try. I am not one to go anywhere without knowing anyone by myself but I believed in what Mel told me. She was right…I was blown away by greetings. I watched people for a moment and did not see anyone looking at me, whispering to another, or had any bad vibes. This was a partner WOD and was offered by another to join her (cannot remember who). I was blessed and boy did I not realize that I was NOT in shape. I remember several days later I struggled doing anything. My body had no idea what it hit. I was sold by this group. I have been to the 6:30pm classes. 8am, 9am and now consistent with the 6am class. Each class I have felt accepted. I am still amazed in how this group is and the love and support they have for another. It’s definitely one of the hardest things for me to leave. I have made friends and love the push and the challenge and the support from the trainers. You all do an awesome job!!!!!!!!!
A few months ago my husband approached me saying we have to move. MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!! My first words were “you are not taking me away from my bootcamp family”! I had both boys upset with me and he said you guys are selfish and I said selfish…you are selfish. After a long grueling week, I spoke to my husband again out of anger and listened to what he had to say. The pipeline work is in Houston and he can either quit his company or find a local job not of his field or we can move to accommodate his business something that he has wanted to do since 2002. He said we are selfish, he has no home to go to each night, he lives in the 5th wheel or hotels, he eats alone or goes out with co-workers and he had kids for a reason not to be away from them and he wants to be around his wife, that’s why he married me. Reality hit and he was right. We are being selfish and that he’s asking that we give up some things to be a family again. This was hard for me to soak up but I had to deal with it emotionally and physically.
God had his plans and I still look back at what we have gone through and wonder how we have survived our time here in Texas. My husband has been in full contract of his business since the end of March and and now employs 11 employees. I work for the company doing all office aspects of the business. I have been able to provide the love and support to my children that was missed over the years. My workaholic days are now replaced with my family. The Lord had planned this for us. It’s time for us to pay attention to God and family. We will be able to eat dinner together, laugh, take walks, school activities and drive places together. There’s so many things that we have been away from these past 3 years that this will be brand new to us again. Having to find a good church again is our next journey. We were currently going to Hillside Fellowship and are sad to leave it so soon.
I started thinking today that this is a new beginning and new journey chapter in our lives. I can still continue doing WODS from home after I purchase the equipment I need. I may have to accommodate the box jumps somehow. I am not too far away to come back and visit and join in on a WOD or two. It will be ok. God is by our side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sherry 6:22pm
Shari, I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I am so glad to have been blessed to know you and your family. You guys have a sweetness about you. Even in the stress filled time of moving, I could see and feel the love and mutual respect in your family. Your difficult life experiences made you the beautiful strong mother and wife that you are today. I thank God for our brief time together. I pray God's blessings on you and your sweet husband and boys. I will always miss you at our 6:00 class. Come back as often as you can. Love you, Sherry

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kelli 9:56pm
So excited to wod in your honor this week Shari! It was a pleasure meeting you at the dark, cold 6am class a few weeks ago ;)! You were such a warm bright light that morning! I know you will be greatly missed! You have an amazing story and I'm sure you will continue to build on that in your new venture! Best of luck to you! Stay strong! Xo

Friday, January 3, 2014

Jennifer Wa 10:32am
Wow what an amazing story.  I wish you and your family luck and blessing for your new journey.  You are a strong lady!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Cecily 9:16pm
Wow, Shari! I was totally blessed to hear your story, and sad I didn't have a chance to get to know you better! I am so excited for this next chapter in your family's story, though. It will be an honor to WOD on your behalf! Proverbs 3:5-6

Friday, December 13, 2013

Tracy Ma 10:32pm
Shari ~ was so happy to see ya spotlighted!!!  Always enjoy working in the same class.  You're 100% effort and positive attitude.  On a side note, your testimony blew me away... But yet brought me to the same conclusion I'd already formed about you ... You are one tough, strong, aMAZEn  female. I'm honored to be bootcamp fam w you.  You'll be missed ...but I have no doubt that you are on the path HE wants you enjoy the journey. And stay strong. I know you will ... You'll always have family here. Muah!!!

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