Samantha & Claudia 10/24

I'm honored to be a spotlight bootcamper alongside my friend Samantha Umscheid.

I don't have a fantastic story to share like a lot of others that attend bootcamp or previous spot lighters.   Of course it's special to me but I hope I don't put anyone to sleep while they read this :)

My husband and I met on while he was living in Northern California and I was in Reno, Nevada.  We started commuting back and forth for about a year and then he proposed.

We had both been married before but no kids. Well, a month after we were married in Lake Tahoe, a child was in the picture!

We had talked about moving and starting fresh somewhere else. California was getting to be quite expensive and I didn't want to go back to work with a newborn. So, when I was 5 months pregnant we looked for a house in Texas. My husband used to live here and the homes were reasonable and he still had friends here.

We found our house in three days and moved to Bulverde when our daughter Canyan was 1 month old.

When she was a little older we put her in Kid's Day where Sam's daughter Tatum attended. At the time I didn't know Sam. We later met through a mutual acquaintance and hit it off - so to speak. We are a lot alike and our girls play together often.

I have always exercised, even when I was pregnant. I started at Anytime Fitness and then decided to do P90x. I was getting bored.

After Sam and I became friends, going on over 2 years now, she had just started bootcamp and
suggested I try it.  Well, it will be 2 years on January 29!!  I'm definitely hooked ;)

I love bootcamp!!!!  Even when I don't want to go and feel sluggish and unmotivated before the workout, I'm always glad I go and have never regretted it.  The instructors are awesome and always so full of energy and I've met some wonderful people through bootcamp. There is never a dull workout!

Canyan is now 8 years old. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have lived in Bulverde in that same house for 8 years.

I never did go back to the rat race but instead started my own pet sitting business (absolutely love animals!). The flexibility has allowed me to be there for Canyan, through her milestones, ups and downs, meltdowns, school and sports activities. I couldn't imagine what that would've been like had we not been there to witness these special years.  She's our only child so we don't want to miss a thing!

The End! Claudia

Samantha's Testimony:

I'm very honored to be nominated as the Spotlight bootcamper along side my good friend Claudia Collier.  Claudia and I met just shortly before we began going to ABC.  Our daughters are best friends, and we all spend a lot of time together.  Being nominated as the spotlight bootcamper sounded so scary to me.  It felt a lot like it did two years ago when I woke up on New Year's Day 2012 to realize I was about to face a fear.  Gyms and being in front of crowds is not something I ever looked forward to.  Working out has never been a priority in my life.  I guess I grew up with a mentality that I was skinny and working out was not a necessity.  By the time I turned thirty age was starting to catch up with me.  I could no longer keep off the weight like I always had.  I needed to do something that was long over due.  I wanted my children to see something that I had not really seen growing up with my family.  Something that everyone should do, but something everyone makes excuses for.  WORKING OUT!!!  


No doubt my friend/neighbor Lindsey Merz was not about to let me out of going with her to amazen bootcamp on that New Year's Day.  Her and at least three other friends hounded me for months to come along with them.  They raved about how great it was, and how much I would love it.  I made up all kinds of excuses why I couldn't go.  It turns out New Years Day was the best day to show up at ABC.  Many new people go on this day trying to make a resolution, and so I wasn't alone.  Now almost two years later I still feel like I'm never alone.  The great thing about ABC is that everyone is working together for a common goal.  I also love ABC for bringing me into a community that I didn't know exsisted, even though I've lived in it for 13 years.  


I blamed my husband Erik for dragging me into the country from San Antonio.  It wasn't exactly the place I saw myself settling down and raising my children.  Spring Branch became my home in 2000 and in 2002 my first daughter Landrie was born.  Four years later in 2005 just before Christmas we had our second daughter Tatum.  I commuted 60+ miles to work each day for 12.5 years.  I cursed living out here for sometime, and then one day I finally started to enjoy coming home to the hills.  Currently my husband and I own our own business here in Spring Branch.  We have been very fortunate to have a successful business, and I no longer have to make the dreaded commute to work.  
Samantha Umscheid

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sarah J 7:32pm
Love you girls!!!!  Can't wait for your spotlight WOD...If I know you two, I know it's gonna hurt!!!

Lindsey M 7:59pm
So glad u guys r being honored.  It's always fun to see y'all working out together.  Sam- You have stuck with it and you look amazin!  Congratulation!

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