I discovered I was the ABC spot light boot camper after coming home from Urgent Care.  I had just been treated for a nice cluster of blisters caused by 2nd degree burns on half of my right hand!  (thanks for the prayers, btw, they are healing nicely) Looking at my bandaged up hand, I thought… “really…now…this is crazy timing!”  The Lord always has a plan, and it is always great.  Having to sit back and take time to heal (which is hard for me) slowed me down long enough so I wouldn’t skim over the important part of this whole thing, and that is to share my story.  The Word says in Revelation that we overcome, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! Channel lovingly reminded me that whatever that story is; trust the Lord for its power.  
I have lived in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area for 36yrs, and grew up in a Baptist church until my family started attending Community Bible Church back in the 90’s.  That’s where I met my husband, and boy could I go on from there until I nauseate every one of you with my love for that man, but I won’t…we will save the nausea for my upcoming WOD!  J/K  Sometimes I wish I could share some juicy story of highs and lows that we got each other through, but I can’t, and that’s ok. Because our story is one of constant, steady, day to day and moment to moment love. I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Steve’s love for me has been one the clearest pictures of my Heavenly Father’s love for me.  The Lord knows me inside and out, and knew I needed to know Him as my Unshakeable, Unmovable, Everlasting Love, and I am quite simply and powerfully His Beloved.  (Yes! He actually calls me that! ) From that foundation the Lord has launched me into areas of ministry for His glory, and I am so thankful for the story He has given me.
Jump ahead nearly 15 years later…we have been blessed with two beautiful children, Chloe is 12, and Stephen is 8. (spoiler alert! you will see these numbers in the Wod) Some of you have probably seen Chloe working out beside me and that blesses me SO much. Stephen sweats it out in Boot camp Kids…and why not…Coach Sara brings in swimming pools and water balloons!  Channel…Hello? (Hint, hint)
My sister-in-law, Amanda, is the main reason I started coming to ABC.  A little while after she had my nephew, Samuel, she was ready to start working out.  She mentioned boot camp, and I thought it could be fun to go play with the kids in the other sandbox for a while.  I had been doing Cross fit consistently for a year at that time, and thought “Why not? I’m in good shape already, no biggie.”  Ha!  Humbled from WOD one baby!  I think I had selective memory from the days when Channel would literally run circles around me at the Cross fit Box, but day after day ABC has given me a platform to blossom in the areas where my strengths exist and to make the choice to push myself outside my comfort zone in those areas where I am weak.  I feel stronger today than at any other point in my life, and I have ABC and all of you to thank for that.  The encouragement that comes from my fellow boot campers is SO uplifting.  So, for as many blessings, smiles, and words of encouragement that the coaches and all of you have poured out over me the past 15 months at ABC, please receive this blessing in return!  
May the love of God be above you to overshadow you, beneath you to uphold you, before you to guide you, behind you to protect you, close beside you and within you to make you able for all things, and to reward your faithfulness with the joy and peace which the world cannot give – neither can it take away.  Through Jesus Christ, our Lord to whom be glory now and evermore. Amen.   I pray that my story and yours continues to grow and bless others under the loving care of our Father!
3…2…1… GO!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cecily 2:27pm
I just have to say, ''wow'', and ''thank you!'' Being on the receiving end of all the kind words and affirming words you all have poured out is almost overwhelming. I think my husband nailed it when he said he feels the reason I keep coming back day after day and month after month is because of all of you!! Y'all bless me immeasurably and make my heart smile! Thank you!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sandie 1:54pm
Cecily, I have looked up to you since I was a kid!!!! You've always been the sweet, gorgeous, fit, conscientious woman that I aspired to be just like. I am so proud to wod next to you each and every time the opportunity presents itself, and I continue to strive to be just like you! One day my pull-ups will look like yours!😉
Thank you for being the amazing person you are and thank you for being a great inspiration and role model (for more people than just your kids). You deserve the best! LOVED your wod!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Kelli 6:27pm
I'm so bummed I missed your wod today Cecily! I'll never forget the time we sprinted to the finish ;) my short little legs had to work double time to keep up with you!! Thank you for always encouraging! Hope to get to wod with you more in the future and maybe some more sprints to the finish! Congrats!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cecily 2:23pm
This is Steve, Cecily's husband. I just wanted to share my thoughts ... Its wonderful to see her so determined to get over to ABC on a daily basis. Not only is she taking great care of herself, but she is setting  a wonderful example for my kids, regarding staying in shape.  But most importantly,
I know that she is surrounded by good people at ABC.  And I truely believe, that is what keeps her coming back.. So, I will be the guy trying to keep up with Cecily Friday morning...

Katie A 8:54pm
Congratulations Cecily!!! Can't wait to WOD in your honor tomorrow!! You are such a sweetheart and an amazing encourager!! I absolutely love and feel blessed that we get to work out with you  on a regular basis. The WOD looks a little intimidating but I'm excited to do it. Love ya girl!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cindy O 10:04am
Congratulations Cecily! Geez,  how far do we go back, elementary school?!? Growing up with you all those years, I've witnessed the same fire, determination and competitive heart in everything you did then and STILL do now. Don't ever change.   It's been a blessing to see what a beautiful woman, mother, wife and friend you have become to so many.  So proud of you. You simply are AMAZEN! ;)

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