Betsy Boggs

I was surprised when Channel posted a picture of me running from the Soul to Sole last year saying I was the Spotlight Boot Camper. I really enjoy coming when I can, but didn't think I was worthy of the honor. I usually only get there once maybe twice a week, I usually do level B, I feel like I'm the last one done most of the time, etc....however I could hear Channel, Michelle, Gina or Alisha saying encouraging things like 'Don't put yourself down', 'You can do it' or 'At least you're here now'. It's so true that we are hardest on ourselves. I should say that I'm thankful that I was chosen and thankful for the body God has given me to be able to come and participate!

I am SO grateful for aMAZEn Boot Camp and all of the wonderful people that are part of it. The coaches are great and always seem to get us moving & encourage us. I think it's neat how this place brings people from all over the community together and how we support each other. We moved here from Georgia 3 years ago this month. I belonged to a local gym where I knew many of the instructors and a lot of the members. I was sad to leave that however I was ready for something else. I would do the spin class & power class, etc. but felt like I was in a rut. That's what I love about ABC, your body gets challenged because it's always something different. People don't believe me when I tell them I was 20 lbs heavier in high school and then 30 lbs after my freshman year of college. My doctor put me on a diet and told me he wanted me to make a change so I won't keep going down the same path. I just have to make a choice to take care of the temple that God gave me. Don't get me wrong, I love chips & salsa, a glass of wine, or an occasional bowl of Dryer's light ice cream, but I also like feeling healthy. Now that I'm 48 I know, it's a balance. My husband, Greg, and I have 3 daughters and I want to set a good example for them. I was so glad when our oldest, Amanda, could come with me a few times this summer. She is back at UGA now for her junior year. Our middle daughter, Ashley, will begin her freshman year at TX State next week and our youngest, Alyssa, will be a 9th grader at SV. I'm so grateful for all of the blessings that God have given me over the years.

Something I posted on Facebook earlier this week keeps me encouraged and I hope it will you as well! I can't read the original author's name. There are scriptures that could apply to each one.
Tell yourself that everything will work out.
Things will get better.
You are important.
You are loveable.
This too shall pass.
The time is now.
You can be who you really are.
The best is yet to come.
You are strong.
You can do this!

Thanks again-Betsy Boggs

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